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event for low geared people in low lvls to help from 105 to 107 108

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pappaPhat    5

 the event you guys got is a joke because you have to have top gear to do them and my toon cant get good things from it just the frags. but its a game i under stand im just saying can we make it more equall for a change on low lvl toons. something to help out low geared people to help them get out of exhaulted gear

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GhostShadow    46

Don't feel badly. Even when you don't have a problem doing Rim Kamaloka, there's still no guaranty that you'll win a prize. I've done it every day so far. Each time I get 4 boxes. Every box that I've opened since the event started has been nothing but Nightmare fragments, which I exchange for pots. That chance of actually winning something is pretty low.

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