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help find parties even with social distancing..


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Hello again!

I know there is social-distancing and stuff going on. Like to asking any suggestions to find some peeps between LVL 25-35 that would like to party up. One of the things I liked about the game before. Now I can't tell a player from a bot and talking with the community is cut off due to my level. 

Any advice would be appreciated again!

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Which server are you on? I'm 37 atm, and will probably be leveling some other toons to 40 soon also. Right now just messing around mostly trying to decide what to make. Currently I'm a crafter. 

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Hey guys,

Thanks for your responses. Sorry kittea, I am out of TI.

I didn't realize how easy it was to join a clan and the bonus with it. Trying that out now. I miss the old days of shouting Wiz LFG lol

New party system seems useless.

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