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Paper hero - Golem L2 / 3D file

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Paper hero - Golem L2

Hello everyone.

A few years ago NCSoft launched an award in celebration of l2's birthday, which was a paper hero of Golem, does anyone have this file in PDF, I want to make a Casemod for my wife and I don't find this file.

I am very grateful if someone has and can share

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nice nice, those things is alot bigger then what I expected.  thought it was more a table model but seeing that iron man it looks like a man size 🤣

which gundam you making?

  • R-78
  • XXXG-00W0
  • XXXG-01D2
  • ZGMF-X20A
  • ZGMF-X10A
  • ZGMF-X19A
  • ZGMF-X09A
  • RX-0
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I'm in the mood to do "Freedom" again but with 1.10m and movements tb. I just modeled the Rx78, in 3d, now I'm starting the physical construction of the body, using Pepakura! Soon I will suffer to be able to reproduce all of his text stickers. It will look great! It will be an animatronic/Casemod!


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