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Blue dinasty


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On 7/19/2020 at 3:27 PM, Lean said:

It is possible to select a blue dinasty heavy armor appearance and use it on a light armor? 

Like a yul using light set but with the appearance of blue dinasty heavy?

The Blue Dynasty Outfit Bundle has just 1 Armor Appearance Stone... it is either Automatic by Armor type, like Emerald Weapon Appearance Stones became... instead of Coupon exchanged for a specific Weapon stone... or it only gives Blue Dynasty Leather Armor Appearance to all types of Armor, like the Vesper Noble Appearace bundle they had a few years back... or like the disguise effect of "Energy of Chaos" when participating in Ceremony of Chaos(which is Blue Dynasty Leather Armor Appearance for everyone involved)


Even IF you could obtain an Actual set of Blue Dynasty Armor... You CAN NOT miss-match Armor type for Shirt/Pants(you can put Heavy Boot&Glove Appearance onto Light or Robe Boot&Glove) https://l2wiki.com/Changing_Appearance#Changing_appearance_of_a_armor

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Thanks, its loooong time i dnt play l2 so i dnt get this updates wich provide us the appearance stones.

in case i get the armor after using the stone right? Cause i see some ppl selling these stones on some private stores.


Wondering if i can buy it and keep on my stash until i decide to use on my yul or my tank.


Another question is when i "open"  the stone i can use it without merg with my currently set just for the look but without any stats from my gear or in order to use the look i need put the appearance into my set.


Just in case i could look fancy just in town while i dnt get better gear and save the bless appearance scrolls for latter and dnt waste they on weak gear.


Thanks again for the patience and answer me.

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Think of appearance stones like color changing.

You apply the paint to something, no attributes change, nothing, just the color.

You apply the paint on something, so no, you cannot use appearance stone on your skin, it is ARMOR appearance stone not SKIN appearance, you need to apply it to an ARMOR

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