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wondering if i get stronghold entrances with the 20%¨sale plus 100%xp event and try to sale those, or go for open some boxes of the suspicious but not sure if ll be good rates or not.

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Check the event page. They should be tradeable. And I wouldn't worry about having any left for them to disappear. People will buy them, or you can open them and maybe get lucky have win won of the prizes that are much more valuable than the box cost you.

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No problem, welcome to the game. And don't worry, this is Lineage 2, no one has good luck all of the time. Even the guys that you see claiming to have the best luck of anyone usually only succeed because they try hundreds and thousands of times more than other people. "Korean random" also plays a part. You can open 1 box and get the top prize, or open 2M boxes and not get better than the lowest prize. Part of the fun and frustration of the game.

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It does not worth.

195 boxes (13 "promos"):

  •   1 Brooch Spirit Stone Rare-Type
  •   1 Rare Book of Splendor
  •   1 Rune Stone
  •   2 Superior Giant's Codex Chapter 1
  •   3 Dye Crystal
  •   3 Nevit's Gold Hourglass
  •   4 Artifact Crystal
  •   4 Artifact Fragment
  •   4 Dark Armor Enhancement Stone
  •   4 Freya's Bloody Rune (2 hours) Box
  •   4 Low-Grade Forbidden Secret Book
  •   7 Top-grade Spirit Stone
  •   9 Bloody Armor Enhancement Stone
  •  11 Superior Giant's Codex - Mastery
  •  23 Honey Dark Beer
  •  25 Maphr's Luck Potion
  •  29 Elcyum Crystal
  •  30 Brillant Freya's Scroll of Storm
  •  30 Glowing Dragon's Attribute Potion EXP
  • 975 Shiny Gold Bar

If I use the "possible" item in the page (https://www.lineage2.com/news/unlock-the-suspicious-safe) as the prob order, My best item was the number #29 in the 48 items list,

I hope you will have better luck.

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Even when you change for the Legendary Dye. 90% of the time you will get MEN, WIT and CON Dye (Esp MEN Dye, probably like 70% rate).

The odds of getting DEX Dye is like for, every 30 Suspicious Safe, you will only get 1 DEX Dye.

If you need 30 DEX Dye, you will prolly need 900 Suspicious Safe. What a waste of $$$.

If you need any DYE, just sell your Suspicious Safe and buy the DYE with adena.

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