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Extreme low Rates on suspicious box

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I'm just here to Warn people that i have discussed with about 15 top gambler on chronos (they all opened 500-1000-2000 chest)

And they lost 80% of the money spent,   the chance of making profit is very low and u will need to drop a very big item which has a chance of 0,0000001%)

If this can help peoples to not gamble too much if they don't wan't to waste money. Here it is

The Big gamblers can keep going as long as they don't mind throwing money on windows! :) 

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Yet on Chronos nobody showed any stage 3 god jewels or dragon weapon from the event, 

The reward list is just there to make u think u can get amazing things,

i opened about 400 Box till now, and yet i didnt any any Mid-tier or top items at all,  best drop was "Artifact Crystal" lol ! 

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Just now, derian4real said:

Your friend was probably unlucky. I was lucky enough, got god earrng stage 3. I opened 300 boxes

Its just you that was extremely lucky, and not him being unlucky :P  if nc post the real chances to obtain these items it will be approx 1/100 000 for those items :) 

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Maybe next time ask all the top people who intends to buy like 2000 boxes each then use 1 person to open everything maybe 10 of them for 20000 boxes and share the drops. See what's the chances of 20000 boxes opening at once.

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2 minutes ago, Helvie said:

with every store promo it's the same story and yet you guys keep trying and then feel scammed...

thats why casinos and lottery still exists :D

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