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Top Homunculus Tanga and Ari

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So, I made lvl 5 top tanga and lvl 5 top ari. Top tanga is currently all 3/3 communion spheres. Ari has 1 3/3 and rest I'm working on.

Unsure if anyone else has done this, but here are screens.


Before making 5x 3/3 on the tanga, I tested each in stronghold 1 for 1 hour, cocktail and self buffs only, same Elmore procs and none crit for 4 mins. Tanga is better on an othel because of the constant passive crit dmg and Patk. The ari reuse doesn't make you stab faster because they're always up. This test was before server settings obviously.


Anyways, unsure if anyone else has both of these at lvl 5 on chronos or naia. When we get homu 2.0, I'll shoot for top juji unless they unlock more stuff to use pts on.


Btw, anyone like @TEVAS try lvling a homu past 5? Is that possible?


Lastly, tanga lvl 5 proc is 5% Patk and ari proc is 3% reuse. I will double check these but I thought they were supposed to be the same %. 

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3 hours ago, mixa said:

The chick proc is p/m skill power 3% for the top grade.

Yes, skilll power, not reuse. I love how I can't edit a post anymore.

Doesn't change the test, I wasn't sure at midnight which is was and wasn't getting out of bed ? 

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