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Plz make more circle in SOS.

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In Swamp of Scream, all the circles are occupied 24/7.

Plz make many small circle for busy ppl who can't take the circle 5 hours before SOS start time.

(Nowaday, it is impossible to take circle, even we try to get it 5hours before SOS start)

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6 hours ago, Brown said:

well if they have set next target to taunt - it is a prob.

ok, not trying to be a jerk here, but if that's a prob, then you might not belong in the swamp in the first place.  I run by so many pits with 7 man party's killing 2-3 mobs tops before the 1st 1 re-spawns.  You see the huge xp amount when it finally dies, but is that really most efficient for the time spent?  Probably not.  I can promise you, they will not make more pits for you.  Next update it will be a mad dash for pits so expect it to be even harder. 

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