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TOO LOW EXP for 9 people party

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Hello dear staff

Weve gone great lengths to make the game better, but the exp in 9 people party is insanely low,

now with client limit, Its not easy to have multiple parties

A 9 people party is exping so slow I will be bald until it reaches level 80.

Please do something, I really like this game, but consider fixing this because it feels like I am stuck in a loophole


NO EXP GAIN, 1 death = lose all progress (thank god we have no exp loss event now)

and also

Vip 8 + have like 500 Brez in their inventory, but I get 1 every day because im VIP 6

Im not asking for more Brez, but please at least make everything else worth it, fix the exp for 9 people party

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For me the real problem is the death penalty, i find myself playing a lot more casually and experimenting now that the event is active. In high levels autohunting is like a synchronized dance, if someone gets a dc or crash you could wipe a whole group. Maybe they should make the -50% DP available from lower VIP levels or sth similar.

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