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Tales Untold Preliminary Patch Notes (Classic Server)

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  • L2 Team


Tales Untold
Tales Untold Content Update (Classic Server)
Release Date: Late Summer

The following list of preliminary patch notes and functions are not final. Any game content and localization of terms may change before the launch.

  1. Hunting Zone Changes
  2. Augmentation System Renewal
  3. Random Crafting System
  4. Blessed Weapon System
  5. Item Changes
  6. PvP Ranking System
  7. Clan Changes
  8. Skill Changes
  9. System Changes
  10. UI & Other Changes
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  • L2 Team

Hunting Zones

Renewed the Tower of Insolence hunting Zone.

 - The pre-existing Tower of Insolence hunting Zone has been raised up to Lv. 86 - 90.

 - Combat balance and rewards have been raised to match the upward adjustment of monster levels.

 - The appearance of some of the monsters of the Tower of Insolence was changed.

 - The Sky Rift and all related items were removed.

 - The following rewards can be obtained from the Tower of Insolence:

Hunting Zone

Available Rewards

Floor 1 - 2

A-grade Armor

Floor 3 - 4

A-grade Weapon

Floor 5 - 8

S-grade Armor

Floor 9 or higher

S-grade Weapon

All Floors

Blessing Scroll

Altered the appearance of 10 monsters that appear on the 5th and 6th floors of Tower of Insolence.

Target Monster

Platinum Tribe Soldier

Platinum Tribe Shaman

Platinum Tribe Escort

Platinum Tribe Knight

Platinum Tribe Officer

Platinum Tribe Warrior

Platinum Tribe Elite Soldier

Platinum Tribe Archer

Platinum Tribe Elite Knight

Platinum Tribe Prefect

Tower of Insolence monsters’ HP, attack power, and defense balances have been increased.

Increased experiences of 9 monsters that appear on Alligator Island.

Target Monster


Crokian Lad

Dailaon Lad

Crokian Lad Warrior

Farhite Lad

Nos Lad

Lord of Alligator Island

Swamp Alligator

Swamp Warrior

Cruma Tower hunting zone is changed to lv. 50~70 hunting zone.

Cruma Tower Floor

Monster Level

3rd basement level

lv. 50 ~ 60

2nd basement level

lv. 60 ~ 70

From the teleport list, changed ‘Cruma Marshland,’ which is a hunting zone of 'Town of Dion,' to ‘Cruma Tower.’  Also changed teleport fee to 6750 Adena.

Items that were only supplied by monsters in Cruma Tower 2nd and 3rd basement levels were deleted from the reward table and are fixed to be distributed by other monsters.

Monster Name

Item Name

Ragna Orc Prefect

Mithril Tunic

Recipe: Scallop Jamadhr (100%)

Recipe: Moonstone Earring (100%)

Recipe: Karmian Glove (100%)

Recipe: Cyclone Bow (100%)

Recipe: Enchant Metallograph (100%)

Kronbe Spider

Recipe: Chain Gaiters (100%)

Recipe: Flamberge (100%)

Forest of Mirrors Ghost

Recipe: Dwarven War Hammer (100%)

Recipe: Karmian Stockings (100%)

Taik Orc Warrior

Metal Plate Helmet Material

Pa’agrio Hand Design

Recipe: Grace Dagger (100%)

Recipe: Widow Maker (100%)

Timak Orc Prefect

Great Helmet

Great Helmet Material

Dwarven Chain Shield

Dwarven Chain Shield Piece

Rind Leather Armor Design

Chain Mail Shirt

Dark Elven Dagger

Dark Elven Dagger Edge

Timak Orc Troop Captain

Recipe: Sword of Whispering Death (100%)

Recipe: Raid Sword (100%)

Greater Dye of STR <STR+1 CON-1>

Greater Dye of STR <STR+1 DEX-1>

Greater Dye of DEX <DEX+1 STR-1>

Greater Dye of DEX <DEX+1 CON-1>

Recipe: Mermaid's Tears (100%)

Dire Wyrm

Recipe: Dwarven Chain Gloves (100%)

Recipe: Crystallized Ice Bow (100%)

Recipe: Aqua Stone Necklace (100%)

Recipe: Aqua Stone Ring (100%)

Recipe: Enchant Mithril shirts (100%)

Mithril Dagger

Mithril Dagger Blade

Recipe: Great Pata (100%)

Recipe: Dwarven Chain Gaiters (100%)


Grace Dagger

Grace Dagger Edge

Dark Streamer

Dark Streamer Edge

Recipe: Drake Leather Armor (100%)

Greater Dye of CON<CON+1 STR-1>

Greater Dye of CON<CON+1 DEX-1>

Greater Dye of MEN<MEN+1 INT-1>

Greater Dye of MEN<MEN+1 WIT-1>

Tower Shield piece

Roving Soul

Horn of Glory

Horn of Glory Piece

Knuckle Duster

Knuckle Duster Blade

Plated Leather Gaiters

Recipe: Demon’s Tunic (100%)

Recipe: Forgotten Boots (100%)

Greater Dye of INT <INT+1 MEN-1>

Greater Dye of INT <INT+1 WIT-1>

Greater Dye of WIT<WIT+1 INT-1>

Greater Dye of WIT<WIT+1 MEN-1>

Timak Orc Warrior

Sage’s Rags

Recipe: Bec de Corbin (100%)

Tarlk Bugbear Warrior

Cursed Staff

Cursed Staff Head

Dwarven War Hammer

Rind Leather Armor

Rind Leather Gaiters

Rind Leather Gaiters Material

Recipe: Theca Leather Gaiters (100%)

Recipe: Club of Nature (100%)

Great Helmet Material

Giant Monster Eye

Recipe: Great Pata (100%)

Recipe: Dwarven Chain Gaiters (100%)

Lord of the Plains

War Axe

War Axe Blade

Nirvana Axe

Nirvana Axe Blade

Stick of Eternity

Stick of Eternity Shaft

Paradia Staff

Paradia Staff Head

Pa’agrio Hammer

Pa’agrio Hammer Head

Philosopher’s Staff

Philosopher’s Staff Head

Club of Nature

Club of Nature Head

Mace of Underworld

Mace of Underworld Head

Demon’s Boots Fabric

These rewards were added on or above the 5th floor of Tower of Insolence.

Obtainable Items

Master Book - Might

Master Book - Chant of Shielding

Master Book - Shield

Master Book - Chant of Fire

Master Book - Empower

Master Book - Power of Pa’agrio

Master Book - Magic Barrier

Master Book - Blessing of Pa’agrio

Master Book - Chant of Battle

Master Book - Glory of Pa’agrio

Increased the difficulty level of 5th floor and above of the Tower of Insolence.

 - Monsters’ HP and defense were increased.

The spawn location of monsters in the Abandoned Camp was adjusted.

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  • L2 Team

Augmentation System Renewal


 The Augmentation System has been renewed.

 - Instead of having to go through "Jeros/Jelos's Anvil" or the Dimensional Merchant, augmentation can be carried out by double-clicking a "Life Stone" item.

D-grade or higher armor can be augmented, and different augment options are applied depending on the body part.

A new Life Stone was added.

 - "Life Stone Lv. 1 - Weapon" and "Life Stone Lv. 1 - Armor" can be purchased from the Giran/Aden/Goddard Castle town grocers.

New Items

Grocer Selling Price (Tax not included)

Life Stone Lv. 1 – Weapon

2,000,000 Adena

Life Stone Lv. 1 - Armor

900,000 Adena

 - "Life Stone Lv. 2 - Weapon" and "Life Stone Lv. 2 - Armor" have a chance of being obtained from the following raid monsters.

Target Raid Monsters

King Ignis

Queen Nebula

King Procella

King Petram





Scarlet van Halisha




When augmenting with a Life Stone, the following augmenting fees will be applied.

 - Augmentations can be removed at the Dimensional Merchant, and the removal cost is a flat fee of 100,000 Adena.

Item Name

Augment Fee for Adding a Life Stone

Life Stone Lv. 1 – Weapon

300,000 Adena

Life Stone Lv. 2 - Weapon

900,000 Adena

Life Stone Lv. 1 - Armor

100,000 Adena

Life Stone Lv. 2 – Armor

300,000 Adena

A new Life Stone for augmenting accessories was added.

Item Name

Augment Fee

Life Stone - Accessory

900,000 Adena

  - The augment options for the new accessories are as follows:


Accessory Grade

Option 1

Option 2



P. Def

Max HP

M. Def

Max MP


P. Atk

Max HP

M. Atk.

Max MP


P. Accuracy Increase

P. Evasion Increase

M. Accuracy Increase

M. Evasion Increase



Magic Resistance Increase

P. Skill Critical Damage Received Decrease

M. Skill Critical Damage Received Decrease


All Skill Critical Damage Received Decrease



Bow Resistance Increase

Damage Received Decrease

Heal Received Increase


HP/MP Recovery Bonus



Melee Weapon Resistance Increase

P. Critical Rate Received Decrease

M. Critical Rate Received Decrease


All Critical Rate Received Decrease

 - Life Stone - Accessory items can be used to augment A-grade or higher Standard accessories and Rare accessories, and different augment options are applied according to the item type (necklace/ring/earrings).



Ring of Insolence
Majestic Ring
Phoenix Ring
Tateossian Ring
Dragon Valley Earring
Majestic Earring
Phoenix Earring
Tateossian Earring
Majestic Necklace
Phoenix Necklace
Tateossian Necklace

Queen Ant's Ring Lv. 1 - Lv. 4
Ring of Core Lv. 1 - Lv. 4
Baium's Ring Lv. 1 - Lv. 4
Orfen's Earring Lv. 1 - Lv. 4
Zaken's Earring Lv. 1 - Lv. 4
Antharas' Earring Lv. 1 - Lv. 4
Frintezza's Necklace Lv. 1 - Lv. 4
Nebula's Necklace
Ignis's Necklace
Procella's Necklace
Petram's Necklace

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  • L2 Team

Random Crafting Creation System


A new Random Crafting Creation system has been added.

- Can attempt to create a random item by using crafting points.

- Crafting points automatically recharge when one obtains a point recharge item from monster drops. You can also disassemble items to obtain crafting points.

- Crafting points can be recharged up to 99 points. Any excess crafting points remaining after the maximum number has been reached will be discarded.

- Can renew Random Creation list by consuming 1 Crafting point and 50,000 Adena.

- When you refresh the item list for the first time after earning crafting points, you can obtain 2 XP Boost Scrolls.

- Can lock up to 3 Creation slots by using L2 Coins. Locked slots will not change when the list is refreshed up until 20 times.

- When randomly created, you can obtain 1 out of the 5 items in the list after consuming 1 Million Adena. The chance to obtain each item on the list is 20%.

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  • L2 Team

Blessed Weapon System


The Blessing system for enhancing weapons was added.

 - "Blessing Scroll" items can be used to bestow C-grade or higher weapons with blessed effects.

 - Blessing weapons are granted basic effects for each weapon type, and A-grade and S-grade weapons are applied with additional effects depending on the weapon's enchantment level.

 - The blessed effects applied to each weapon type are as follows:

Weapon Type

Blessed Effect

One-handed Sword/Rapier

All Skill Power +2%

Two-handed Sword/Ancient Sword

Attack Range +20

One-handed Blunt Weapon

All Skill Critical Rate +1%

Two-handed Blunt Weapon

Atk. Spd. +30, Casting Spd. +30


MP consumption upon bow use removed


Deadly Stab Success Rate +5%

Dualsword/Fist Weapon

P. Skill Critical Damage +50


Attack Range +20, Attack Target +1

 - A-grade weapon blessed effects by enchantment level are as follows:

Enchant Level



P. Atk. +200, M. Atk. +250


All Critical Rate +10%


Skill Power +10%

 - S-grade weapon blessed effects by enchantment level are as follows:

Enchant Level



P. Atk. +400, M. Atk. +600


All Critical Rate +15%


Skill Power +15%

 - If blessing a weapon fails, only the "Blessing Scroll" will be consumed while the item is preserved.

 - "Blessing Scrolls" have a chance of being obtained from monsters in the Tower of Insolence

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  • L2 Team

Item Changes

Elixir items were added.

 - Elixir items can be used to obtain character stat points.

 - Stat points can be spent to enhance a character's status (STR/INT/DEX/WIT/CON/MEN).

 - Max. of 5 Elixirs can be used, and 1 stat point is obtained per 1 Elixir.

 - Changed the cost to reset character ability enhancement points.

Points Used

L2 Coins Spent

Adena Spent

1 - 5



6 - 10



11 - 15



16 - 20



21 - 25



26 or more



Elixirs have a chance of being obtained through the [Elixir Exchange].

Required Items

Required Qty

Obtained Items

Obtained Qty

Elixir Powder






Elixir Powder


Elixir Powder can be obtained by defeating monsters of the Imperial Tomb, Antharas' Lair, and Dragon Valley.

Tradable fishing reward items will be removed during the maintenance on August 19, 2020:

Target Items

Blue Mackerel – Tradable

Whale – Dimensional

Fresh Blue Mackerel – Tradable


Angler's Box – Tradable


Changes were made so Dye items can no longer be sold in NPC stores.

Consumable item tooltip was updated.

 - The effects applied upon using items were marked more intuitively.

Changed the color of the content that is guided as precautions in the consumables item tooltip

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  • L2 Team

PvP Ranking System

A PVP ranking system was added.

 - PvP rankings can be viewed from the Ranking System UI.

 - If a Lv. 40 or higher character with at least 2 class transfers obtains PVP points, they are counted in the ranking.

 - During a PvP situation, a Final Hit can used to kill a chaotic character in order to gain 1 point.

 - If the level of the character you killed is within a level range 15 levels lower or higher than your own level, an additional 10 points can be obtained.

 - If the character you killed ranks within the top 100 in the character ranking, an additional 10 points can be obtained.

 - PvP ranking is reset every Monday at midnight.

 - Those who ranked 1st - 3rd place in the previous week's ranking will gain a free location sharing benefit for 1 week.

Added "Ranker's Authority," which can only be accessed by Server Ranking Rank 1 characters.

"Ranker's Authority" will be added to the center of the Ranking UI and can only be used within the affiliated server's peace zone and not the World Server.

Using "Ranker's Authority" requires 20,000,000 Adena.

Using "Ranker's Authority" creates an identical clone of the Rank 1 character of the Server Ranking and the creation location is announced to the entire server through a screen message.

The created clone will be identified with a unique pillar of light effect, and a 4-hour "Ranker's Authority" buff is given to characters nearby.

"Ranker's Authority" has a 24-hour cooldown, and the created clone resides within the server for 12 hours.

The "Ranker's Authority" buff skill effects are as follows.

 - STR +1, INT +1, P. Evasion +20, Additional Recovery +10 upon use of HP Potion

Changes were made so that when a Server Level Ranking Rank 1 character uses "Ranker's Authority", 20,000,000 Adena is required.

Changes were made so the Ranker's Authority NPC gives buffs to nearby characters at 10 second intervals instead of 5 seconds.

Improvements were made to the visual effect of the Ranker's Authority buff skill range to make it easier to see.

Fixed so that the PVP score will not increase if the same character is killed within 5 minutes after killing the character in the PVP situation and chaotic inclination with the last blow.

 - The kill / death count increases regardless of 5-minute time limit, and only the PVP point get 5 minute penalty.

The PVP ranking 1st to 3rd place is given a ranking buff that displays unique effects when killing a PC.

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  • L2 Team

Clan Changes

The enemy registration system will be added.

 - Clans can be registered or removed as enemies in the Clan UI.

 - Members of enemy clans will be marked as such.

 - Enemies can only be registered by clan members with enemy registration privileges.

 - You will turn chaotic upon a PK against an enemy regardless of the enemy status.

The Clan War content will be removed.

 - The pre-existing Clan War-related data (Clan War list and score) will be removed.

The Clan UI will be changed.

Clan XP was added and can be obtained through defeating monsters and clan quests.

Changed the method to increase clan level.

Before Change

After Change

Increase levels by using ingredients or currency

Levels increase automatically when clan XP is obtained

Expanded clan levels to Lv. 10.

Changes were made so the clan ranking prioritizes clans with higher levels of clan XP that are Lv. 5 or higher.

Changed the settings for Proof of Blood items.

 - Proof of Blood can be exchanged for a "Blood Crystal" through NPC Clan Appraiser Leo.

 - Changes were made so Proof of Blood can no longer be obtained as a reward for clan raids or from monsters.

 - Proof of Blood will be removed during the maintenance on September 16, 2020.

Clan Advent effects can be applied depending on the clan level.

Clan Level

Applied Skills



Clan Advent Lv. 1

P. Atk +5 / M. Atk +5 increase


Clan Advent Lv. 2

P. Atk +10 / M. Atk +10 increase


Clan Advent Lv. 3

P. Atk +15 / M. Atk +15 increase


Clan Advent Lv. 4

P. Atk +25 / M. Atk +25 increase


Clan Advent Lv. 5

P. Atk +50 / M. Atk +50 increase


Clan Advent Lv. 6

P. Atk +100 / M. Atk +100 increase


Clan Advent Lv. 7

P. Atk +200 / M. Atk +200 increase


Clan Advent Lv. 8

P. Atk +200 / M. Atk +200 / P. Def +50 / M. Def +50 increase


Clan Advent Lv. 9

P. Atk +200 / M. Atk +200 / P. Def +100 / M. Def +100 increase


Clan Advent Lv. 10

P. Atk +200 / M. Atk +200 / P. Def +200 / M. Def +200 increase

Changed ‘Other’ category to ‘Mainly Raids’ under tendency list of Clan Entry system.

Changed Clan leave and Clan dismiss penalty to 1 minute.

The raid category of Mission was changed to the clan category.

 - Clan quests can only be carried out by characters who are a part of a clan.

Mission Name

Progress Conditions


Clan Raid Attack

Clan level 1 - 10
Character level 40 - 99

Sayha's Buff Scroll x3
Clan XP 50

Defeat Spirit King Ignis

Clan level 1 - 10
Character level 76 - 99

Ignis's Breath x1
Clan XP 25

Defeat Spirit Queen Nebula

Clan level 1 - 10
Character level 76 - 99

Queen Nebula's Breath x1
Clan XP 25

Defeat Spirit King Procella

Clan level 1 - 10
Character level 76 - 99

King Procella's Breath x1
Clan XP 25

Defeat Spirit King Petram

Clan level 1 - 10
Character level 76 - 99

King Petram's Breath x1
Clan XP 25

 - Clan raid subjugation missions were removed.

Changes were made so the location sharing system is unavailable in certain areas of Giran Castle

 - Location cannot be shared in areas near the spawn location of the castle's Guardian.

 - Location cannot be shared from inside the Outer Giran Castle Gate or certain Guardian spawn locations in front of the Inner Castle Gate.

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  • L2 Team

Skill Changes

Fixed an issue where skills with buff removal (cancel) effects had a very low success rate.

Changes were made to enable the Auto Use of Song/Dance buffs. (Dance of Shadows excluded.)

Fixed an issue where Confusion, Peace, Charm, Lure, Repose, and Forget could be used in the peace zone.

Changes were made so the Hide skill of friendly forces would not be removed when using the Detect Darkness or Detection skills.

Fixed so that the level information will display on the icon of the clan advent skill.

Expanded certain buff skill levels.

 - Each skill’s Master book is needed to learn expanded level’s buff skill.

 - Spirit Ore is consumed when an expanded level’s buff skill is used.


Skill Name


Learning Level

Required SP


Might Lv. 4

P. Atk. +18%



Shield Lv. 4

P. Def. +18%



Magic Barrier Lv. 3

M. Def. +35%



Eva's Saint

Might Lv. 4

P. Atk. +18%



Shield Lv. 4

P. Def. +18%



Shillien Saint

Might Lv. 4

P. Atk. +18%



Shield Lv. 4

P. Def. +18%



Empower Lv. 4

M. Atk. +80%




Chant of Battle Lv. 4

All party members’ P. Atk. +18%



Chant of Shielding Lv. 4

All party members’ P. Def. +18%



Chant of Fire Lv. 4

All party members’ M. Def. +35%




Power of Pa’agrio Lv. 4

Other clan members’ P. Atk. +18%



Blessing of Pa’agrio Lv. 4

Other clan members’ P. Def. +18%



Glory of Pa’agrio Lv. 4

Other clan members’ M. Def. +35%



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  • L2 Team

System Changes

The level-gap penalty between characters and monsters was changed to 15 levels.

 - According to the changes in the level-gap penalty, the target UI's monster name is displayed in blue when the character's level is higher than the monster’s by 15 or more.

 - The Obtained XP penalty and Item Drop penalty are applied identically for Normal/Boss Monsters.

The level-gap penalty between party members/command channel members was changed to 15 levels.

 - The Obtained XP penalty and Item Drop penalty are applied when defeating Normal Monsters while the level-gap between party members/command channel members is 15 or more.

 - The Obtained XP penalty and Item Drop penalty are applied when defeating Boss Monsters while the level-gap between party members/command channel members is 15 or more.

In the Raid Boss Monster passive skill, the level-gap penalty application range was changed from 3 - 9 levels to 15 levels.

Eased the weight/slot restrictions when receiving items from the item inventory.

 - Can be collected if the number of slots they occupy is less than or equal to the number of free slots in the inventory.

 - Can be collected if the weight of items to be received is less than or equal to the available weight in the inventory.

1 more line of special buff slots (24 count) was added.

Special buff slots are categorized as follows:


Target Buffs

Special Buff 1

Consumable Buff, System Buff, Equip Buff, Ranking Buff, Transformation Buff, etc.

Special Buff 2

Character Activation Buff, Equipment Activation Buff, Content Buff, Event Buff, etc.

The character's buff slot line order was rearranged to accommodate additional special buff slots.

Buff Slot

Target Buffs

1st Line

Physical/Magic Buff

2nd Line

Special Buff 1

3rd Line

Song/Dance Buff

4th Line

Special Buff 2

5th Line


6th Line

Ultimate Kamael Soul, Warrior Class Momentum

The quantity of Soulshots and Blessed Spiritshots consumed when equipping B-grade weapons was decreased.

Weapon Type


Blessed Spiritshot

Bow Weapon

3 → 2

2 → 1

Weapons Other Than Bows

2 → 1

2 → 1

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  • L2 Team

UI & Other Changes

Changes were made to allow all party members to acquire dropped items using "Auto Pick Up" when proceeding with Auto Hunt as a party.

 - Items obtained by party members will be distributed according to the item acquisition settings specified (example: randomly distribute with spoils) when the party was created.

Fixed an issue where the character would be unable to move after talking to NPC Ateld and moving to Baium's location.

Fixed an issue where monsters would spawn in abnormal locations in Dragon Valley.

Item tooltip was updated.

 - Augment, Level Bonus, Soul Crystal, Blessing, Enchant, Set Effect, etc. will be displayed as icons in the item tooltip.

 - The item deletion date is displayed along with the time remaining at the bottom of the tooltip.

Fixed an issue where Coliseum could not be entered.

Changed some items in Preferences.

 - Removed the "Realistic Water Effect" checkbox from Video and changed it to be included in the "Refined Shader Effects."

 - Changed the Picture-quality improvement effect to a checkbox.

The Dwarven race's ranking effect description was edited to be more precise.


Enchant success rate increases.


The Enchant success rate of Scroll: Enchant Weapon/Armor increased by 1%.

Information on unsupported functions was removed from Macro Help.

The "Ancient Book Box" item name was changed to "Buff Slot Expansion Ticket Box".

Changes were made so the "Soulshot Exchange" function can be viewed even without a Soulshot Ticket.

Fixed an issue where event monsters would spawn in abnormal locations in the Plains of the Lizardmen and Dragon Valley.

The function to view party/servitor/pet buff and debuff details was changed to match the special buff slot additions and line rearrangement.

Buff Slot

Menu List


View Buff
View Debuff
View Song/Dance
View Special Buff 1
View Special Buff 2


View Buff/View Debuff
View Song/Dance
View Special Buff 1
View Special Buff 2

Fixed an issue where the screen kept spinning when using some game pads.

The buff slot location where the "Special Buff Scroll" buff is displayed was changed.

Changed the monster defeat count of the "Ant Nest" quest to apply to all party members.

The tooltip display method of Scroll: Enchant Weapon/Armor was updated.

Fixed an issue where a system message would appear repeatedly when a character kills another.

Fixed an issue where an abnormal screen was displayed when pressing the Enter key on the server selection screen of the developer menu.

Changed the standards for displaying the Enchant success notification message according to the item's grade/type.



Enchant Value



+18 or higher


+11 or higher


+8 or higher

Changed the standards for displaying the enchant success notification message for the Talisman and Agathion.

 - A notification message is shown for the Talisman and Agathion upon successful enchant to +9 or higher.

Peace zones that were specified incorrectly for certain areas and settings were changed to normal fields.

Changed the cast time of the "Teleport" skill to use the Teleport system from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.

Box item tooltip was updated.

Changes were made so a list of deactivated hunting Zones is shown at the bottom of the Special Hunting Zone UI.

Automatic camera function has been added to the bottom UI.

 - It is a function that synchronizes the character's perspective automatically during Auto Hunt. Press the ON/OFF button to use the function.

Changed the HP UI at the top so the color gets darker as the HP gets lower.

Improved sort order for inventory items.

 - The items will list in the order of goods, weapon, armor, and other.

Improved conversation UI of the Dimensional Merchant

 - Improved chat window to help use Dimensional Merchant item features.

 - Can access each sub menu from the Main menu.

 - This is how the Dimensional Store menu has been reorganized.

Main Dimensional Merchant Menu

Sub Menu

Enhancement and Convenience


Receive Dimensional Item

Share Dimensional Items

Withdraw Shared Item


Attendance Reward




Hair Accessory


VIP Coin

Changes so that location can be shared even when character is in death status.

Fixed an issue where items were consumed each time a buff was updated when different items that paid the same effect were automatically used at the same time.

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