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Improve support classes or delete these classes or focus only on DDs.

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Murkan    10

Good afternoon (Using Google Translate)

Anyone who is a Sigel, Iss and Healer player knows what it's like to go to the Olympics and have disadvantages compared to the other classes. Every MMORPG game the supports are extremely important in the game, but in Lineage 2 NCsoft does not seem to understand or does not agree with this, either because the number of DDS players are larger and thus give them much more profits or it is pure preconception.

In the Olympics, supporters are increasingly losing their ability to deal with DDs, allies, every MMORPG game, supporters are the classes with the greatest number of survival and defense skills, precisely because they are the classes that need to be alive to keep the rest of the players alive and is not what currently occurs in the game, more and more Sigel Knight is expendable, Iss is not yet due to his buffs, and Healer also not due to his healing, but in PVP 1 vs 1 these classes do not they can fight more, especially in the Olympics.

Some will say that it is only necessary to equip, wrong, an Iss, a Sigel Knight and a Healer, even having the same level of equipment as a DD, will have disadvantages, due to their basic skills, the passives that will never improve their damage and due to their natural damage already being much lower, then items that improve and increase P.Atack, M.Atack will only really work in class like DDs, since the base of these classes is already damage and they already have skills passive that reflects exactly that, so NCsoft just increasing the power of the support skills will not improve and change anything, now, the defense items that NCsoft has been creating, is increasingly leaving the DDs more distant from the supports, because DDs are increasingly gaining resistance to debuff and are increasingly gaining P. Defense and M. Defense, since Ncsoft does this precisely for them, DDs can support other DDs and with that the supports are increasingly losing damage power, since they are class that already give too low.

Just see that the class that becomes a legendary hero is the DD with the greatest damage skills and that currently are the class that NCsoft has been constantly improving: Feoh, Archer and Evicerator, alias, Evicerator was already a very powerful class that won more improvement, in the past I was able to deal with my Sigel with the Evicerator, sometimes I won, sometimes I lost in the Olympics for this class, but now, not because the Olympics time is too short, and Evicerator has a skill that simply hits directly on HP, in the past it did not occur and the damage of this ability is high, nor does it decrease with Rise Shield and look that Rise Shield decreases by 100% the chance of being critical, another useless skill from Sigel that has not been working as it should.

Feoh became a god in the game, especially in the Olympics, with the skill that absorbs 95% of the damage, Feoh now doesn’t even need to run away, just stand still, hitting and taking advantage of his huge advantage, the critics who are always high, even those with more or less strong equipment are having high advantages. Shall we look at Feoh's absurdities ?:

1 - Feoh has the ability to stun, and as everyone knows, stun comes out when you physically hit the opponent, so as Feoh doesn’t physically hit the opponent, the stun stays and Feoh who already has high damage takes advantage and another, picks up easily, even if Feoh’s skill isn’t quite enchanted to pick up, picks, aliases, Feoh’s stun works much better than Sigel’s which has always been a class feature since the game’s existence.

2 - Feoh has a total of 3 skills that remove target, one that removes and prevents us from catching the target of Feoh, at least everyone who fought it happened, and there are two more that it is through teleport that it has a chance according to the description of removing the target, the problem that has been easily removed, always working.

3 - Feoh has hold, a class that has a Range of 1,100, with Sigel his skill with the highest Range is 900, which only serves to pull that has been absurdly failing, and yet Feoh has debuff for Hold.

4 - Feoh has the ability to Fear, that is, fear in the opponent.

5 - Feoh has the ability to be immune for a few seconds from taking damage.

6 - Feoh has the ability to levitate the opponent and still keep hitting the opponent in the air, funny, Sigel if using Rise Shield and Focus Shield, can not use several skills that nullifies the effect of it, but Feoh can levitate the enemy and it can hit without stopping.

7 - Feoh has the ability to burn HP to recover mana, as he with the ability to absorb 95% of the damage, he will be able to use this resource non-stop, he will only have a certain problem only with DDs as evicerator, archer, but with Iss , Sigel and Healer, no problem, are ultra low damage class.

Let's look at Sigel:

1 - Rise Shield and Focus Shield, an ability that increases by 100% P. Defense and / or M. Defense, summing up Sigel is always taking damage, unlike Feoh, Tyrr, Summoner who has short russe skills that leaves them immune to damage. These skills that if I use I can't use Stun's skill and even if I use it, if I keep hitting the stun it will disappear, but it will only disappear if the stun catches, because it fails absurdly, Feoh's stun catches much more.
2 - 2 Skills to pull the enemy closer that fails absurdly, and look that I have jacks that improve this and my ability is engaged to increase the chance.
3 - Silence, in fact the skill decreases by 20% atack speed and casting speed (Wow as if 20% was a huge advantage and it is not, today a player can easily have atack speed and casting speed full), silence is a secondary skill of the skill that by the way silence comes more and more, rarely catching.
4 - 2 UDs that, by the way, have a 15-minute reuse, until today I don't understand why these two abilities have a 15-minute reuse and if I use Final Ultimate Defense and Evicerator use her ability to increase damage, the Evicerator detonates my HP in a few seconds, when the Final Ultimante returned 100% of the damage, it was even logical. Today it is a skill that only serves for decoration.

5 - Another skill that decreases by 50% the damage of the archer, well, use it and the damage of the archers remains absurd, after all, archer kills with Lethal that the skill Pinpoint gives and that, by the way, leaves all the time.
6 - Hold, which by the way lasts for a short time 5 seconds and has been absurdly failing and looks that mine is in for a chance and that class like Feoh when he takes Hold and uses the skills of teleportation, continues to teleport and which he should prevent right?

7 - Ability to remove target, good is secondary to another skill, the skill actually pushes the enemy away from me, and has this chance to remove target, which by the way fails absurdly and the enemy catches his target all the time, remembering that Feoh has 3 skills to remove target, Evicerator has 3 skills to remove target and one that still prevents you from targeting.
8 - Skill that when your HP arrives at 1 you don't die, seriously, ask the Sigel if they have already used this ability, especially in the Olympics, it is another ability that was only created to say that Sigel has the ability.

In short, I'm sorry NCsoft, but skills that increase M. Defense and P. Defense today, no longer make a Sigel Knight a real tanker and the proof of this is that you start watching the Olympics and see how a Feoh, Archer they can prove otherwise, and it’s no use for tanks to buy all the items you sell in stores, that doesn’t make them or the same level and ability to have a fair pvp with DDs, I say PVP 1 vs 1, proof of that just look at the Olympics, there are some remaining ultra-equipped players who are Sigel who will never become, for example, a legendary hero, as the defense items you create dramatically improve DDs, since they automatically already do high damage, and even that create items that increase the power of skills or damage, will not improve Sigel, Iss and Healer, as they are class where the base is already low damage. 

For example, Sigel's ability 110 has a chance to debuff that takes 30% of the enemy's defense P. or mob, but that only works for PVE or group PVP, in PVP it will not benefit Sigel at all , unlike DDs where your 110 improved skills, will benefit precisely from your high attacks and damage. Another example, all Sigel that we see in the game, are logged and left in the Macro to just gather Mobs so that the DDs can evolve faster and etc., then they are logged out and ready.


Lineage 2 needs to follow Blizzard's WOW paths, there the supports are supports but in 1 vs 1 you have the same chance of winning if you fight against a DD. NCsoft needs to learn how to balance the class, an example, when Ncsoft created Feoh's aura that absorbs damage, it created thinking about DDs, but she didn't forget that this would make Feoh have an absurd advantage against a class that has no damage tall, alias, ncsoft when she thought about this skill of Feoh, she basically thought of the high damage DDs, Archer, Evicerator and other Feoh, because Tyrr was somewhat harmed by this, Tank too, Iss, Healer and etc. The suggestion is, review all the skills of all classes, and try to balance the classes in a way that if two classes have the same level of equipment, both have a chance to win and then it will depend on the player, because today the items that there are favors exclusively for DDs, proof of this is this current Event that favors DDs, Exalted favors DDs, proof of this that NCsoft had to create a field for Tank, Iss and etc. to be able to start their exalted. NCsoft is slow to make changes, it takes years to realize that.


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TDxDan    29

You mentioned everyone getting more Debuff resistence. Okay so lets add this little number to your Feoh hatred. 

1.Feoh, you only talking about Stormscreamers and Mystic Muse, they are the only 2 Feoh classes who can "stun" and they can only stun when they land a debuff on the target before launching Burst to stun (According to your earlier text, DEBUFFS do NOT land) 

2.Feoh, 2skills Magical Warp and Magical evasion, those skills only work when on flat terrain or when there is plenty of place to jump into, But in order for those skills remove your target they must be right next to you. So Feoh uses those skills more for escaping and not trying to remove your target.

Idk what Class you play but i am 109 Feoh in Exalted Gear if i dont permanently jump jump away I am a Dead 1shot to most classes.

3.Feoh, again Hold is a debuff and as you said people stack up debuff resistances(you know funny feohs cause nobody would actually use Hold). Also 1.100 Range is a joke. Feoh range is 800.

if i setup to auto xp with stand, with long range next target i pick target 900 range away. i will not get xp cause my char does not run the extra 100 range to start using spells. 

4.Feoh, Fear never lands on players unless they are like 3lvls below your own. and again DEBUFF resistance!!! 

5.Feoh. Immune to dmg: that skill says it lasts 10 seconds but usually it does not start working until timer says 7-8seconds left and the cooldown is like 5-7mins long. 

6.Feoh Levitate aka Hell binding: works great on Mobs but on Players again only if they are 3lvls below your own and again debuff resistance!.

7.Feoh Mana Barrier and the Body to mind skill: Believe it or not but i had Iss`s kill my Mana and delete Mana Barrier quicker than you could say jippiyajo Piggybag. 

Point is yeah sure Mana Barrier helps Feohs a lot but have you ever played a Feoh without Mana Barrier in pvp? I get 1shot. so Mana Barrier makes it a 2shot woohoo.. 

Those Feohs you complain about can probly kill you without using Mana Barrier cause they have GEAR. 

About your Tank list. I can just tell you from experience I fought alot of Tanks and once they enchanted their Chain strike and Silence skill. it was Game over for me being a Feoh.

everytime i warped away the tank INSTANDLY chained me back in and Silenced me.



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TenebriS    1

my main its an iss ,and i can kill an archer and other classes (same grear or lvl) the always have that kind of balance, for 2 monts i got the 2nd place on olys...  lvl 1 its an iss 111 , but it s depend on the way you play, and can kill an evis to, mage evis, dreadnought etc 

maybe you need learn to use your iss

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