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I don't know if someone is having the same issue as me, but since 2 weeks before the update announce, most of my accounts have been blocked to use the website and even mailing the support team and asking to remove it, when they do, after i login the 2nd time i get blocked again. it's automatic. i got at least 6 blocks in the last week, and every time they say i have been flagged for security issues just because i try login at website, nothing more. And after this post i will log out and for sure will be blocked again.
I have used exitLag to get better routes with low ping to the server, and they ip blocked me saying it was vpn / proxy usage, they didn't answer if it's legal to use it, but if it's not, why ban / block due to it's use? i know some people that can only play using this soft because the lags don't let them play the game normaly, and for their surprise, are getting free bans for using it.
Not only me but many other brazilian players are facing this same issue with exitLag / multiple and sucessive website blocks after the support team remove the block.

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