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[LIVE SERVERS] Offer up the class swap as does Korean L2

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Please GM's offer the swap dual to main class service, I speak only for my pals that wish to switch their dual to their main due to newfound appreciation for their selected dual class.

It would lower pollution on lowbie spots especially, and discourage rerolling.

Almost every player agrees to this suggestion, please hear the players!

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Yes, since you have no love for wynns, let us at least change class... the current event has brutally proved to me that even with a Fafurion Retributer I make little to no damage in the areas intended for my level (107).

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I would also like to add that the Korean L2 offers players a "sever dual class" service which dismantles your dual class from your character into a vacant character slot on the same account... All of this would reduce the need to reroll, and have to worry about Olympiad on a "Mained Dualclass' and reduce the player traffic in lowbie spots. There are countless players who have spent countless amounts of real life money, and I'm sure it would increase revenue for NCsoft, seeing as it would be charged a fee for the service such as name change and race change etc.

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