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pvp and oly macro


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im level 110 feoh storm creamer,

can any expert feoh storm to teach me how to set up pvp macro?

tell me in order like first line this skill 2nd line this etc.

also how to set up oly macro ,i know it's depend on opponent class 

but genarally basic oly macro for most class

thx in advance

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You can watch on YouTube experienced mages / heros to identify their skill bar setup and oly strategies (you can find plenty vids& channels) .

Off topic this post is the sad proof that in L2macro 2020 most ppl get to 110+ w/o having any real experience on how to play their toon... No offense... ?

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Omg why all feel so offended? This poor soul want to pvp...that mean more fun for both of you.

@bleepd5k Dude, enter in a good clan, make some friends and ask them to teach you how to setup a mouse macro(ofc, that mean you need to buy a good mouse). For Feoh game macro is ...slow and not worth play in pvp.

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