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I would like to know how long they will continue with their goal of harming the average player, again they fail, now an event harming the yull, using 4 top archers that do not generalize the reality of all the yull, today again it's time to play olys against everyone with a dragon weapon and I must decide whether to use the dragon weapon or use it to farm since I will only get 1 every 3 days, again another error from such a terrible lineage 2 administrators.....All classes can farm anywhere with exalted items, the yull is the only class that needs at least 200b to be able to kill mobs in a low zone, even when they will continue to damage a class by focusing on 4 top player


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lol... so the 2 hours max it takes you to do Oly.. stops you from grinding the rest of the day? Yul with exalted does just as well as others if not better while being more in demand with their ability to aoe. Also the penalty was never about the top players.. It's about the melee bug that has/had been plaguing the server for close to 10 months. Only in the last two has it felt normal. How are people missing this? You can nit-pick all you want about Feoh etc.. Honestly no one but the archer community cares. The decision was made and carried out. Deal with it.

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