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Superior provoke aura

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On 18/08/2020 at 7:05 PM, KingNothing said:

So months have passed since the skill was introduced.

Have u guys noticed any diference or is it just a fancy glow and a waste of resources?

Good night. (Using Google translator).

Superior Provoke Aura is nothing more than an evolution of Provoke Aura. By the way, all lvl 110 skills are improvements of some skill of each class. The problem is that NCsoft has always hated Sigel and never cared for the class with the respect it deserves, alias, with no support, it is no wonder that today DDs can evolve without the help of supports, they just need to have an Iss buffing them and that's it. And then they come and take an existing skill and give a pompous name to this skill that should bring improvements, in the case of DDs they have improved skills that improve their skills, which is to increase damage, critical chance, critical demage, and then they take Sigel what they give, a skill that causes mobs, a skill that already exists, and then they thought, let's put one more thing for Sigel players not to realize that we hate the class.

The skill only provokes the mobs and gives the same thing as the normal Provoke Aura and has a very low chance, so what I read out there is a 2% chance of making a debuff that takes 30% of Defense, that is, the chance of the debuff catching is super low, in a PVP it seems interesting, but with a low chance, I imagine how it fails, for PVP 1 vs 1 it is terrible, it simply does not help Sigel in anything, different from the DD skills that improve them at all, and I ask: NCsoft, why don't you let Sigel take this ability without the Great Rune? But no, there is still a need to use a Great Rune to learn the skill, I honestly if I were the Sigel I would not spend an adena fortune to get this skill, with or without it, it will not affect Sigel's pvp in 1 vs 1 or even in a possible PVE party, as the damage from DDs is so absurd that you don't need to debuff to get P. Defense from mobs.

And as the skill has an absurdly small chance of debuffing that removes 30% of the Defense, it is to be used in normal mode, but we know that Sigel's damage is too low, as it is a characteristic of the class, even though we know that NCsoft has been increasing absurdly the DD Defense, especially the Wizard, which is class with absurd damages. Because if you use the ability that fights using the two-handed sword, this ability already has a debuff that takes 30% of Defense. So Aura's debuff is not necessary, and even if it takes when using the ability to fight two hands, for taking 30% of P.Defense, one replaces the other, so I say that it is for normal mode, but everyone knows, Sigel in normal mode beats weak, even taking 30% of P.Defense, will continue hitting weak because it belongs to the class, and there is no point in increasing the power of Sigel's skills in the future, who will continue hitting weak, because it belongs to the class.

So it’s not just worth billions and billions in adena to buy the Great Runa to learn this skill from Sigel, from DDs yes, it’s worth a lot just because the skills they learn at lvl 110 are improvements of already strong skills that they improve in their damage in everything.

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I thought this skill would be useful as AOE tank but I have been very underwhelmed.  Where did you get the 2% trigger rate for armor crash?  I haven't found that documented anywhere but after watching for the debuff to trigger, it feels accurate.  

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Hi at last update u give passive skill sigel quard mastery to all class.
All class can use it if equip sigil.
But class tank cannot because if equip sigil none skill working ,tank need eguip shield to use skill and two-hand stage skill ofc.
Make passive skill sigel quard mastery to working if we equip shield/sigil plz
Give help to tank char to make better solo fight castillia etc thx

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