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Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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...so instead of adding new content you again modify the existing stuff so yet again, players like me who are still 107 have less to do/choose from. There are so many forsaken locations that you can a

Why did Mammon magic staff page disapeared from website???? 

@Juji I just run a test on EU, devs neferted all areas under 110? Im talking round -20% exp in Beleth/Phantasma/Tanor/Aligator...rly? Instead of help ppl to get to 110 to catch up ....devs nefert ev

2 hours ago, Uzume said:

read that article closely and you will see it does get mention it's a 1 day item

On September 30, the following items will be automatically removed from players’ inventories:


This is the removal list, not the reward list.

It is possible that we have both permanent and 1 day, because in the reward list its not written.

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