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Isle of soul - TOI - Plunderous Nerf

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seems you actually have no clue then as we're talking here solely about the current update and on RU/EU servers it was released initially just like ours but there it got hot fixed right away to back to pre update rates which is the NC Korea intended rate

you really shouldn't be dragging in EU/RU stuff if you have no idea what really goes on there

now prepare yourself for the same thing to happen here as Korea will have the same rates in all their export regions which is why Juji put it back on the known bug list


ps, if you're still salty over last update nerf this isn't the game for you as key in l2 is being adoptable to changes & nerfs

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Well all I can say I'm 111 and if they're planing to nerf ios again also nerf ploundorious and think that people going to stick around buying ncoins I'll go to European server because at least you slowly get better items there and here is all about ncoins. Hopefully they will understand that over 110+ people should get better adena drop then someone with exhalted 105+ @Juji

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A 16 year old game ... a few years ago is being killed, not because the game is boring / old, quite the contrary, we still find something fun in it ... but the server administration leaves a lot to be desired. I will not say anything about the updates, because apparently the only readers who read the forum are the players.

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Genius idea !

 Remove all the drops from the game, so it's clearer, IOS you remove, you put back... as soon as the players farm good adena, you broke everything, but that will not change much for you, the players will continue to purchase the Prestige Pack.

Thanks !

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On 8/27/2020 at 7:20 PM, ElizabethSan said:



@Andouille @Hime @Juji       Sometimes you just have to look a bit in your own servers to know something is going very wrong now......

Yes, indeed.It turns out that the "players" at NCW are being cheap and don't stack up full on runes and boosts, which would have helped them level up faster for sure, especially with those looong base server boosts.

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