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32 minutes ago, ShadowSerenade said:

Level 109 and the only places to hunt have very mobs, but LOTS of people. I thought this update was going to give us more mobs? wth

Actually there seems to be more mobs per group but less groups overall.  And the problem isn't a lack of mobs, it's players "taking" a group when they can't even come close to clearing it.....

Check out Forest of Mirrors for a clear example of this...  Mob groups used to consist of 7 monsters, now there are 9.  Every group is taken and maybe (MAYBE) 1/10th of the players can clear HALF of the mobs. 

I don't blame the players for this; what choice do they have?  If you can't clear (or get close to clearing) a group you should go down to the next lower level of mobs but....those places are packed as well (with players who can't clear either). 

Eliminate Party XP penalty and 7 man groups could run everywhere but ofc NC won't do that; it makes too much sense........

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My expectation was that you'd be able to go to a hunting ground and see mobs everywhere. Enough for everyone to hunt. But it looks like I'll have to dust off my red and kill people tonight. The ones who don't look like they can clear all mobs in a reasonable amount of time will be the first to get PKed. I'm betting I won't be the only one. Blood will flood the land.

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