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Hello all!, i'm back from a couple of years without playing Lineage hoping to find some fun time with friends but everything i got was frustration, why? well i saw prices for gear/weapons its a lot of money to get some good gear, well some hard difficulty to play its okay, so i spend money(a lot of money) in Destiny pack/ prestige rune to try to get some adena but it still being not enought adena to get gear, so i only can afford buy SS because even that is expensive, with dragon event and xp event i got 107 with my main toon a dagger dark elf with main class fortune seeker and when i go to do some xp with macros in places like Phantasmal, Crater, aligattor my mp went down so easly and i died because my exalted weapon cannot kill them faster  and to buy some decent gear i need to spend 30-40B only for a weapon  and how you see i cannot get that quantity of adena, so now i feel dissapoint with the game my experience with this game since 2008 when i start play here changes a lot and its hurts because i love this game but now i only getting frustration and sadness because i cannot advance.

I don't know if i going to keep playing but i will try some time more. i posting this because i have a bad feeling of the game i dont know its everyone feel like me, but please Ncsoft take care about yours players, think a way to get a profitable game and keep their players happy, because with me you failed to me many times since l2 becomes free.

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