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The monster levels, XP/SP rewards, and item drops have been adjusted upwards in the following zones

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Hi adm's. I would to like to know where are theses changes to the below hunting zones:

  • Phantasmal Ridge
  • Alligator Island
  • Desert Quarry
  • and etc

Theses hunting zones are giving the same xp/sp than before,  and adena/itens drops are worster than before. 

This update seens not to be in line with the patch note.

This update is completely insane to 90% of the server. Just check lv of the actives players ,this is not complicated.


Best regards.





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22 minutes ago, frankznbeanz said:

i mean, are they the same as the day before the update? because we had server boost of exp... 


I'm compare with the normal setup(before boost xp). The update to theses zones were not donne and the adena and itens drop chance are worse than before(before boost).

Respaw is slower now. So why have a rune xp 200%(30 days) if i need to wait 5 secs to one moob respaw?

Plz ncsoft fix it.

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The mobs in fields of silence do drop more Adena now. The problem is that the difficulty went up quite a bit.

I have no issues farming there now and I see the difference, but if you can't handle the 12 aggro mob groups, you are going to Forest of Mirrors, where the Adena isn't changed.

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