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Tales Untold Feedback Collection (Classic)

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I was hoping more hunting zone changes like Ketra etc. being farmable, but all it amounted to was another revamp of an old zone when a relative few can even do a 85-90 zone.  Cruma would need to

People are leaving classic at crazy speed right now, month ago was 4 sv, and on ti 7000 online, now we have 2 sv and cant reach 3000 online. It is very sad to see an oficial sv go down like this. Bots

The funny thing is that these things are easily fixable: 1) Remove Adena drops from lower level mobs, maybe upto level 40, people dont need adena to buy stuff at lower levels with all the free gear

1) raid bosses need fix drop chance and add value items so people go to hunt them and give content at this point of game drop  IEWA/IEAA from 85 lvl raids no point to drop useless staffs like that 

2) raid bosses supposed to give xp too  as all raids does.. so people go hunting them and pvp for them... make it competitive

3)  high level areas impossimble for melee chars to farm them  even with decend gear   they need balance stats of mob only few players with top gear can farm there... and need spend tons of money for pve only not even pvp... 

4) add bss  back to game its unbalance with mages use bsss...   

5) summoners need to nerf  transfair pain also   they are like gods in this game with that high stats pets and transfer pain  (ex. summoner with pet and transfer pain >  than tank)

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Very bad decisions.

1. Belt + Free Letters event (5k + Words open max reward = 1 cloth piece) YEAH SAY THAT"S ALL LUCK isn't it?

2. Right after Orianna event with shit rewards worse than last Orianna? + New boxes (i believe chances might be better to get something as it's paid box not free letters)


Juji, Hime please you ask for feed back yet compare oriannas only... Limit 10 clients ... 

Oh forget it why am i even trying...

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There is huge gap between players who never stopped playing and those who did a break regarding promo items there needs to be action taken regarding this.
Even between those all time players exist huge power gaps because of the BROKEN TRANSFORMATION system. How transformations are acquired is completely ridiculous. Why 20lvl farmer chars get same 1 transform fragment as  level 80 char for daily mission?  Why farmers with huge amounts of low chars get unfair advantage in this ? Why promo boxes no longer include random/high/legendary random transformation boxes? Why when you add transform "promo event" you make transformation extract scrolls so expensive that any trade of transformations between people becomes impossible because extract starts to cost more than the transformation itself.
And you wonder why your player numbers decrease..
Korea has different transform system and we get korean boxes almost 1:1.

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1 - Hunting Zone - The new Tower of Insolence monsters are  way too strong for the current gear of the server and needs difficulty nerf.
2 - Epic Raid Boss + New Priest 85 - Needs  increase  drop % on epic jewels. We barely drop 1 epic in 1 week farming all epics + priest. Also drops are outdated: no cloth pieces, sealed a grade, low/mid a weapons and crafting packs of s grade items when new random craft system made s grade more available. Drops need to feel like you realy just killed an epic boss.
3 - Adena - Fix adena drop scale for higher level areas (dragon valley, lair of antharas etc) Doesn’t make any sense that player get more adena drop from low level mobs and easy locations compared to high level mobs and hard locations. This has been requested many times but never got fixed. Level 25 mobs in abandoned camp dropping from 250 to 400 adena and level 70 mobs dropping 700 adena makes 0 sense. Not to start comparing level 82+ zones.
4 - Clan Changes – Clan exp are moving way too slow. Servers are low population + for some reason we still have 40 player limit which makes things almost too hard to try. Also, blood crystals from just clan arena are way too slow we need another source.
5 - Class Balance - Classes like Dagger, Archers, Warriors need buff. Summoners are too overpowered and needs a nerf.
6 - Random Craft – Just few people control most of the crafting points because of the rune drops and full drops. Regular player doesn’t drop almost anything to put in random craft, even herbs which are supposed to recharge the points give very little, this makes just few players get most of the items and stagnates economy.
7 - Augment system - New system is very expensive compared to the old one.
8 - Daily Hunting - Transformation speelbooks fragments should be based on level of the player , for example level 20 player should get 1 and lvl 80+ should get 7.
9 - Content - I think the game lack real end game content worth to do and explore. There is no solo or party daily/weekly dungeons.

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  1. Hunting Zones and Raid Bosses
    Hunting zones :
    go ahead use /invul and farm on the "new hunting zones" because normal people are killing 1 moob in tower of insolance like a raidboss, whats going on with the hp of that moobs? actually with the stats of that mobs? they are mini raidbosses or what? we cannot farm those places because the moobs are too OP.
    Raid bosses : what to talk about them? 85 lvl raidbosses droping 1 armor part A grade (Sealled) and varnish armord D / B / C grade ?  85 lvl raidbosses that supposed to be end game raidbosses droping sealed A grade parts thats ridiculouse. ( they supposed to drop atleast IEWS / SEWS / IEAS / SEWS and S grade parts END GAME RAIDBOSSES !!!!) 
  2. Augment System - all good
  3. Item Changes - all good 
  4. Skill Changes - all good 
  5. Random Crafting System - all good 
  6.  Clan Changes - we gain way to low clan EXP in order to lvl up our clans, how much we are supposed to farm, 10 years in order to get clan lvl 5?  
  7. Other Changes 
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Special crafting os a plus in new update but all the other is naaahhh

As many ppl told before me fix adena drop rate how the.f word.is possible for a guy uses S grade item is more profitable to farm in low lvl area's? 

Give some love to fighter classes for f word sake even tyrant and titan (those titans and tyrant who ppl see to farm and n loa or toi they spend so much money that i pretty sure with an summoner could do much easier farm)

Gove more drop from bosses and epic is ridiculous how expensive and how hard epics are....


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99 crafting points for 800(0) lcoins as it is on essence ? 1 day full och picking up drops and u get almost 1 craft points is way too little and the herbs hardly give anything.

You make new areas but you dont test it? i dont blame you i wouldn't give a shit either, but since we are playing and paying for it i think you should listen to the community. 

People are quitting each day.. 

When server started you had like 15k uniqe players but since u do as u want and dont listen to customers and giving them what they want or anything near what they want you end up with 250-500 active players spread between two servers atm and it's steadily going downwards.

you're throwing out p2w stuff but no rates and no info whatsoever(heroic circle not being tradable) 

Augmenting a Heroic Circlet

A Heroic Circlet can be augmented with a Life Stone - Heroic Circlet and 900,000 Adena. Augmenting a Circlet bestows random stat upgrades, such as Max HP, Max MP, Max CP, P. Accuracy/M. Accuracy, Soulshot/Spiritshot Damage, All Skill Critical Damage Increase, etc. The Life Stone – Heroic Circlet can be obtained from the Heroic Relic Chest or through the Oriana NPC (Oriana’s Lucky Draw event).

Ok what does it really give ? soulshot damage/spiritshot damage is it 1% or 9% or ? 

give us some bleeping info. 


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Even if Priests Raids level up from 80 to 85 still drops are S crafting packs and now it is easier to make S from random crafting also consider that drops from epics have really low chance to get.

About Skill changes <<Cancel>> work/lands but Dev team must fix debuffs maybe to rebalance

As far as the new hunting system if possible dev team should create a function button to assist party leader so multiple players to find a way to farm together into difficult zones because still into hard core zones like Lair and Dragon Valley 80% of server can’t farm there.

Also there are areas that mobs still stuck up on rocks or walls.

New augment system is really better than old.

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What about the ninja nerfs in LOA said nothing about reducing drop rate by 10000%? why is not that adressed already ? 

@Hime @Juji

no wonder u loose players each day!

U need to step it up.

And what about the elixirs? u need 10 of them and then u have a low chance to get one full and by 'low' in l2 terms we all now that it is like 0.0000001%

U get like 1 a week if you are lucky.

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On 8/27/2020 at 10:29 AM, Pradaya said:

Recipes and Crafting

  • Can you please confirm if the new drop tables are working? I've farmed Ragna Orc Prefect with 250% drop rate solo toon and haven't gotten a single recipe listed in the patch notes. 
  • Something wrong with Cemetary mobs? Not seen a single spoil on Roving Souls/Soul of Ruins. No drops AT ALL. Again with 250% drop rate solo toon. These 50 mobs drop less adena than 40 mobs. 
  • Reinforced Mithril Shirt Recipe spoil from Snipe. Not listed in patch notes. 
  • Recipe 100% Staff of Evil Spirits. Did this ever exist? 
  • Entire Full Plate recipes gone now. Both DV and TOI never redistributed. Cruma not even all properly redistributed. 

Can you please ensure all recipes and crafting is at least in the game to provide us with a complete game and not a broken one. 


where can i find Ragna Orc Prefect? :D

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I know it may seem like a strange questions, but I see so many bots on the server, doing the same thing for so many days that I wonder, has the use of bot on the server been released, is it official?
I ask why I think it is impossible for this to happen that way freely, someone is benefiting from it.Who?

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Dwarfs are pretty much a forgotten/dead race, spoil rarely lands on anything, there are hundreds of recipes missing (jewelry, weapons and armors) for all grades (C-A grade) .

Spoil and drop tables need to be fixed, crafters are dead already.


We need more hunting grounds available for players who are between lvl 40-70, there are more high level grounds for 80+ players than low lvl players,

the few places available are already taken by 24/7 bot groups. There is more than enough grounds that could be improved to cover this lack of hunting places that are not even used by newbie chars at the newbie maps.


Current system for enchanting items is way to expensive, unsealing A-S is nuts, only rich players can afford it.

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Something I never understood, I asked once on the forum, but I will reinforce the question here:
Why is Giran's castle the only asset for Siege, why not activate others? Giran has tax on all kingdoms, why? who has a fee is Aden, releases Aden to Siege and leaves his fees over all kingdoms, Giran cannot have a fee over all kingdoms.I know it may seem like a strange questions, but I see so many bots on the server, doing the same thing for so many days that I wonder, has the use of bot on the server been released, is it official?
I ask why I think it is impossible for this to happen that way freely, someone is benefiting from it.Who?

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Team NCoins Panda Wish List Part III.

First point would be on the New Hunting Zones from the Old World Map in the good old days 2006-2010. Thank you again for making TOI 86+ it helps a lot for the few DD Class in this game since it's 95% Robe Class Gameplay these days. But at this point in the game most people that are left on both servers would agree that we need more Hunting Zones and new Towns to unlock like Town of Rune /Town of Schuttgart/ Town of Hein. You guys could bring back the good old Nostalgia Exp zones from Kamael-Hellbound-Gracia Final -Freya - High Five.

Town of Rune: Monastery of Silence could be Level 84+ Party Exp Zones + Farming Zones S Grade Mats etc ..


                       :Valley of Saint  Level 82+ Could help out anyone who plays Archer Class or even Dagger's

                       :Forest of the Dead Level 80+ Solo Exp Zone Classes like Necromancer + Storm Screamers + Archers

Raid Boss Valakas + Rune Castle 

Town of Hein: Field of Silence + Field of Whispers could be a hot spot for Mage Classes like Necromancer Level 84+ Solo Exp Zone. (Drop Curse Bones)

                     : Isle of Prayer level 85+ Solo Exp Zone Classes like Elemental Summoners + Daggers + Dominator

Dimensional Hellbound Party Exp Zone + Raid Bosses. Server Talking island vs Giran Server *Farming Zone for maybe s84 Vesper/Vorpal*  Timer Max 8 hours a day.

Innadril Castle

Town Of Shuttgart: Crypts of Disgrace Level 82+ Exp Awesome spot for AOE Classes + Farming Zones Drops: Cloth Pieces etc ...

                             : Den of Evil Level 84+ Solo Exp Zone for GK + Titan + Tanks classes.

Shuttgart Castle.


2nd point this is on Castles. We badly need Dimensional Sieges vs Giran Server so people have a reason to play the game on weekends instead of watching their characters Looping 24/7 until Lineage II Essence NA Remastered comes out in 2025 ps: That was a joke. Back to Dimensional Subject most people Discord Community are talking about. I would suggest that we keep Giran Castle not dimensional. But Aden*Rune*Goddard*Shuttgart*Innadrill*Oren*Dion*Gludio is all Dimensional so any Clan on both side of the Servers can get every Saturdays 1-2 hours Castle Siege. Every Castle gives different Stats like maybe one would be STR/CON/INT etc ... the next one would be M.Atk/P.atk. So when Sunday Funday Giran Sieges comes along everyone are still hyped from last night Dimensional Sieges Talking Island Vs Giran Server.


Fortress Battles could be Dimensional aswell only on Friday Nights. Every Fortress gives rewards + CP/HP/MP & Exp Bonuses.


Every 3 months we need new Updates to keep everyone excited to keep on playing and invest into the game. And every 6 months new Patch Notes. Thank you again & keep making Lineage II Classic great.




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If you're not gonna open any new areas that are farmable at least give us more mobs in existing areas... cluster mobs, double or triple the respawn rate of existing mobs so u dont have to run halfway around the world cause the mobs doesent respawn fast enough

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Without a doubt there is a lot of useful information in this post that can bring great improvements to the server.

This time I will not suggest improvement, I will be very objective, and I will ask two questions:

PK / PVP system, mainly PK, with the rules that the server applies, who is it to benefit?

Could @Juji or @Hime answer that for me?

I ask this because I spoke to over 40 players and everyone, unanimously, feels that PKs are benefited, when they should be punished. This protection, support to the PK has tired players a lot, get ready for another wave of players leaving the server. which leads me to the following reasoning / question, NcSoft does not want to keep old players / or is concerned about it; she prefers cycles of changing players, because even the new ones get tired of these mistakes and leave too. Am I right?




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ok NC Soft  you do a good thing (6000 days event, that hope will extend for 1 more week) and a super bad thing, about the new PK/PVP system. there was less than half of hour after the reset to make the PK all rampage with this. when the non penalty dead comes to end. the server (giran) will for sure suffer a dicrease of logs. because if till now players have problems with the PK. with this you give them much more power and put them easy to be anoying and harass others.

@Juji @Hime if Nc Soft want to put an end to the server. with this probably will happen.


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I am seeing many threats persecution, in the declared server.

Unfortunately this is what you Nc Soft are doing with the server.

today 07/10/2021 I already read for ethnicities in the chat of the server, and without a doubt I believe that this happens, because you support existence of PK, benefit chars Bots of farm, that take all the fun of the game.
Congratulations, if the idea is to kill the Classic before the age of 3, it can continue like this.

PK should not have any privileges.


In case any GM is thinking of answering me saying: print screen opens ticket, sorry, another system that I lost faith that works, I banned an account that made a book to create adenas, and I see a lot, a lot more bot that is reported and nothing happens. 1 weight 2 measures. You are losing the hand of the thing and the faith that the players had in the Staff.

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