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lets get real with Adena stats and what a joke it is.

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Ponderous planes was Nerfed to nothing.. but that adena wasn't even "good" it was just what we had. 

This was Literally the only ('high" adena amount, and I say that tongue in cheek)  place normal players could farm in the game ... you realize to simply seal a talisman you charge 6 BILLION adena... and the most a mob drops in this game is 250k and that is an instance zone that you only get an hour in per day and only 110+ can even kill mobs with any kind of speed.. the next mob is about 50k (AND level 115).  That is 120 thousands mobs you would have to kill, just to seal a talisman (And that is if 1. The mobs always dropped adena.. they don't and 2. it was always 50k .. it's not.. it fluctuates between 25k and 50k.  If it takes you 5 seconds to kill a mob (we're talking 99% of player base, not the 3 level 115 players), and we take the average of 50% of the time the mob drops adena and it's the average of 37.5k per mob that is 160,000 mobs and 222 HOURS... to seal a talisman.....o.O and that is SOLO... you add in a live buffer? hello 300+ hours of grind. But we have self buffs so screw the support! right? This number triples if a support is left to do this solo. 

There is 24 hours in a day.. so according to your 'Dev Team' this was needed for "balance" because someone having to kill 160k mobs non stop for almost 10 days was too easy? And that's WITH mid level gear.. not someone in exhalted. By the way.. that whole 10 days.. you don't even get to actually PLAY the game. you just watch. 

So.. you would like the community to believe that  222 hours of killing mobs non stop (non stop.. no maintenance interruption.. no resupply no actual PLAYING.. just auto kill) Was too easy?? And needed balance?  

God forbid someone want to do something like save up adena and buy better gear in game in under a year......I mean.. they have exalted gear.. right?? RIGHT?  

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Nevermind still costs you easily 100 - 200k shots a day so thats is adena or NcCoins if use adena that 10 days goes to 17 -18 easily.

Good example made my dominatior in May of this year never gotten adena from my main just buy his shots with NCCoins and uses no adena except for ports and soul ore for buffs since end of may no money has been taken off him and he is 107 now.  He has 935 million adena.  So at the real rate should be level 115 and another 8 months before he can seal that talisman just farming adena lol.

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It really is criminal how they shut off adena spigot and steer everyone to L2-RMT store in order to raise enough adena to adequately play this game. They really should cut out the middle step and directly sell weekly adena packets of various denominations. No more leaving your computer on all night for scraps. "Save energy, buy adena from NCSoft" could be their marketing slogan.

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