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never seen such a global negative response to an update.

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This happen when developers/admins absolutely not understand what people want :)

So what need for game?

1. Rollback last 2-3 updates.  (all last game updates going wrong - any fun in game... any game play strategy... just create archer or evi, use l2 store, and lvlup with pots... thats all...) 

2.Rollback last 1 year all items which was introduce in game. (this items just make 1000y difference between new and old people.)

3. Delete minimum half skill and items skils . (when last time developers was loged in game? Im not see any fun when need in olly use 10 skils and 10 items skils, change dual skils, change items - even more... people half forgot... its just impossible to remember  all...)

4. And in the end... make game balance... (for people now 0 emotion in olly, in castle siege)

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a roll back on xp areas would be helpful yeah if they can't do what I suggested elsewhere see below, the other changes aren't that bad imho

4 minutes ago, Draecke said:

@Juji as a quick hot fix ask Korea to lower Sea of Spores & Fafurion Temple mobs with 4 levels (do not change their XP) and that will give party play with decent xp for players 108 - 118 which seems to be way more fitting to our server player base!

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