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Hi All,

I am an old player in the sense of real age and how long ago I played L2. I played the Beta and from the very first day of almost getting my ass handed to me by a giant spider on Talking Island I was hooked. I played right through to C4 left returned for for Goddess of Destruction then left again,went to a couple of illegal servers then quit. well I came back 5 days ago and OMG NCSoft what have you done to this game?

What was an instant ban now seems to be the norm, AFK macro running auto attack toons...seriously? I don't mind I out leveled my 7+ years character in like 40 mins but come on.

Now this new patch...erm wait what? so you gave me loads of vit and xp boosts (for a few days) excellent, but then took it off me again...WHY!!! and im supposed to get to what is it 115 like this?

Hate to say it people but this is not L2 anymore, you try to talk to someone...there afk auto hunting..you want to party? forget it you seraph gear you spent years..yes years getting is useless. So i can play 2 other accounts at the same time as my main and make my own group? where is the fun in that.

Looking through the community posts it seems the managers and dev team do not care anymore, its become a cash cow, rather than a community of like minded people that love the game (and the banter) the wars the leveling, the general feeling you were in a world were stuff mattered. I mean does anyone here remember those little dwarf females in Cruma Tower terrorising you because the were farmers and you were in there spot? 

It's sad because i now know I will have to walk away for good or try the Classic servers but my time on the original servers is over. I know most of you wont care and I don't blame you I wouldn't either apart from I loved this game, and the people in it...well some of them.



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I care and feel the same way. I've taken breaks but kept up with the changes; i.e. server merges, etc. This last update is a slap in the face. At this moment in time I don't know what I'm gonna do. I have fairly decent gear (at least I think so) and am 74% into 107. I also run a clan and a I have a responsibility to my clannies. I guess I'll just go through the motions for now but I simply don't give a darn any more.

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That's even worse as you have a moral responsibility to keep the clan alive.

I know no amount of asking here will change anything, they do as they see fit, but I bet not a single one of the devs or "community managers" play this game at all. If they did they would know they are hurting it's long term future. Unless they think it's run its course, and in which case why not give something back to the player base.

An event where everyone can benefit not just the already rich or no longer interested. The Adena value has gone silly and if you trade those costs against real value £$ whatever it simply isn't worth it.

Such a shame it came to this, I have played many games over the years but L2 had something special. No other game had it. We like it was hard. We liked going to war with another clan (kept you on your toes) the countless months in TOA or Dragon Valley, hell even near the waterfall bit at the back of Hunters Village was special.

shame on you NCSoft shame on you...

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