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Adena Farming is a Cancer - CRUMA

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I don't know who is your gameplay designer but he/she should quit the game dev industry.

By design new cruma should be an area where players can level up to 70 but how it looks like?

We have new ROA with bots on 80 lvl logged in 24/7 and farming adena.

There should be 0% drop rate if you are killing mob 5 lvls lower than you, that will resolve the problem and remove adena farmers from spots.

If someone is too disabled to farm on mobs at his lvl then should quit this game, the current situation is pathologic.

Current gameplay is just a waste of time. As i say by support ticket. NO MORE $ from me. And probably uninstall that shitty game.

When classic was launched population at all servers was huge. but NC waste all this potential and now we have this. 50 active players on server took all spots with their alts. Sad but true.

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this happening because morons on higher lvl only farm on bots and autocombat. Thats why on higher lvl they're rekt. This is MMO, create LIVE party and exp like gamer not like bleep. I'am able to exp at top cruma alone at 60 lvl with my prophet buffs, because THIS IS AREA FOR ME. Before update i was expyin in TOI with zero problem.

Now NC take TOI from us and give it to higher lvls, but what happened? Higher lvls have 0 skill to exp so they're blocking cruma :)
Maybe next go and exp on talking island?

But this is not my problem anymore. Yesterday I send request to delete my account.

good luck in further destroying gameplay for players who wish to play the game normally

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On 23/8/2020 at 11:59 AM, DukeGr said:

This happens cause there is no way to profitably farm in higher levels unless you are uber geared. If they can one-shop mobs in Cruma that drop adena with 0 consumable cost its pure profit.

Well man you don't have 100% right, plenty ppl who are Uber geared still have ALTs in those territories for getting some easy  adenas .

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