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Best Trio for Yul


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These work best for me, but I can think of many other scenarios that work. It really depends on how much damage your archer can do.

1. Hiero (POM & BR) + Iss Spectral Dancer (Crippling Dance stacks with POM & ISS Spectral gives you a second BR) + Yul (hopefully your Yul has old Taurus bracelet or agathion for a third BR)

2. Hiero (POM & BR) + Sigel Hell Knight/Shillen Templar (for Avenger/Templar Aura) + Yul 

3. If you have a second PC or laptop, role a Dominator, if your clan has room. There will be times when you don't want to share XP. Having out of party buffer helps. It's expensive, though, because those buffs cost spirit stones. If you're not worried about profit or even breaking even, then go this route.

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