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Since looks like PK is here to stay...

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Would like to make "just two" suggestions to make the PK's lifes a bit more fun:  

1) Change the requirements from the first 2 exalted quests.
The Issue: Every noob "needs" to stay in just 2 specific areas to get the what will allow us to progress, killing that huge ammount of mobs demands a lot of time, so you pratically arrest all the fresh meat in just two maps (Blazing and War Thorns) allowing any 103+ to bully all the server noobs in just 2 neighbors maps.   
* Suggestion: Make that required marks drop from 93+ mobs, while this will ressemble the "killing boars" situation from southpark episode people will at least have a choice, this will demand a bit more work from PKs part, since they will need to teleport (we will talk about this soon...) in a bit more places.

2) Do minor changes in the "My Teleport" system.
The Issue: PKs are circumventing teleport restrictions (if there is still any) and Floran respawn penalty by using My Teleport system (BSOE, Clan escapes are kind of traditional, np at all...).   
* Suggestion: Could you please just "block" the usage from such system by chaotic characters above certain number of kills?
Note: If we make a party and kill a bully with better equip than us, since we get no drops anymore a minimal reward would be allow us to play some time without need to do a mini-PvP-raid on each 20 seconds.


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