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9/2 Hunting Zone Changes (Live)

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  • L2 Team

Hello All,

We have received a lot of feedback about your frustrations with the recent Tales Untold update. We understand where it’s coming from, and have been actively working with the Dev team to address your concerns.

The first of the direct changes we will implement on September 2 is the Mysterious Attribute Herb, a high drop-rate buff item in hunting zones, which boosts hunting efficiency and negates the recent increase to monster attribute defense. This should make it easier to hunt and gain XP. When picked up by any party member, it will provide the following buff to all party members within a certain distance:

  • Attack Attribute +150 and PVE Damage +10% for 30 minutes

The Mysterious Attribute Herbs will drop from monsters in these hunting zones:

Tanor Canyon

Fafurion Temple


Atelia Fortress

Storm Isle

Silent Valley

Garden of Spirits

Alligator Island

Phantasmal Ridge

Enchanted Valley

Ivory Tower Crater

Field of Silence

Giant’s Cave

Breka’s Stronghold

Tower of Insolence

Superion Fortress

Primeval Isle

Swamp of Screams

Harnak Underground Ruins

Isle of Prayer

Abandoned Coal Mines

Cruma Tower

Forest of Mirrors

Imperial Tomb

Desert Quarry

Dragon Valley

Sea of Spores

Atelia Refinery

Fields of Massacre

Forest of Spirits

Plunderous Plains

Sel Mahum Training Grounds

Isle of Souls - Stronghold 1

Field of Whispers

Plains of the Lizardmen


During this Wednesday’s maintenance, we are also extending the Letter Collector event to September 16, giving you two more weeks of rewards. The Red Libra event is also making its grand return for one month!

We are also working with the Dev team to move up the release of the Varka Silenos Barracks and Ketra Orc Outpost hunting zone renewal. The details of these Lv. 112 party hunting zones are still being arranged, and we are aiming for a mid- to late- September release. This schedule may change as COVID-19 continues to impact development timing and scheduling.

Thank you for all your feedback, we will continue to work with the Dev team on it, so please let us know your experience with the September 2 changes here on the forums.

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