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Extension on Letters event

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Hi, I just saw that was mentioned by @Juji that we will have the letters event for 2 weeks more.

I still see the deletion date in all letters in a few hours. Will we be able to hold them after the update? Or all that we have will be deleted and we will be able to drop them for 2 weeks more?


@Juji @Hime if you guys can please reply as we have only a few hours for the deletion if it is the case. Thanks!

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  • L2 Team
1 hour ago, RayleighMantre said:

@Hime Will the deletion date for the consumables are going to move also? How about don't put the expiration date at all, that would be great.

They already moved to 10/14. The expiration date will be updated after the maintenance tomorrow. 

57 minutes ago, RayleighMantre said:

Also, lots of players are asking to add an exchange option for BSSR to SSR or vice vera. Or you guys don't care at all?

There isn't an option available at the moment. It is something we will request from Dev.

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