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Kartia Extra Pass Issue

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I am on my dual class character (lvl 87) & just finished Kartia solo 85. I bought an Extra Pass: Kartia's Ancient Labyrinth so that I could do it again. But when I click on the pass, it says "extra pass cannot be used to unsuitable terms". What is going on? I have never used one of these passes before.

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22 minutes ago, Elinthae said:

I bought an Extra Pass: Kartia's Ancient Labyrinth

Did you buy the 1 NCoin bundle? This pass is for a different instance (Ancient Kartia's Labyrinth) and not what you thought it was (i:e: K85 Solo). So since you have not done this particular instance once before it cannot be used yet.

What you should have bought is the 30 NCoin "Entrance Pass: Kartia's Labyrinth Lv. 85 Solo".

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Iirc, in this bundle pack you also receive an ancient kartia labyrinth stone + pass, so you can enter this instance twice. 

If you have the stone (a green one), talk with Kartia Manager npc and choose the ancient kartia labyrinth option (3rd one?), you shall be teleported to a different kartia where you should play the role of the boss fighting a bunch of adolph crew's alike npcs (1st floor you kill everything; 2nd floor you have to pick one side to help - just attack the opposing side; boss room you will face the squad npc - healer/iss/tank/dd, watch to use your skills wisely and try to run over the crystals when the msg pop up, to get some strong buff).

Remember to get buffs/ssr before entering, it shall give a good amount of XP.

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