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KAMAELS useless passive race skills/Race Change


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Hi I know theres only like 20 active actual people who play kamael race, and well, we know how AWESOME our passive transforms are...... SO if possible look into changing them to something more usefull 85+ LOL  oh and as well another Kamael only problem,,,,, RACE change ???? why not allow kamael to switch to another race... we've been around long enough that it should be a simple code and boom done ???? Looking at 1 wing for years is super boring, even with a cloak LOL at least make the cloak fit ffs lol, such an awkward stiff item.

So thanks I guess....


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Only 20 active people who playing kamael? - Big NOP, way more.
Useless race skill? -PvP dmg, better than many races.
Exquisite look, vampire type race with a wing... Personally i really like it.
Useless transform? - A big NOP again. (Hint-Wynn)

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