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Summoner summons at 110 too low level

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@Juji Can you inquire with the devs to consider allowing servitors to automatically increase in level according to the level of the summoner. Today the only way to increase the level of servitors is via skills. Since no class has any class skills above 110, this puts summoners in a difficult position.

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Played Summoner for almost 10 years up until 2012-13. 
It is the class closest to my heart that fully represents my playstyle which is mainly solo while trying to "break" the game within it's legitimate boundaries and occasions between grey areas.

I always remember this class either being too weak or too strong.
From the beging up until summoners got some nuker/debuffer skills they where weak in all aspects.
Later on they became relevant in small scale and olympiad and they where pretty decent in pve.

One particular period in early Goddess of Destruction when we had three panthers out at the same time and even after the relative fast update that cut down the number down to two.
Summoner then was a beast even in mass pvp. If you had reached lvl 99 with the enchanted "Invoke" you deleted groups of ppl.

The class also had several issues with abusing the game.
You could exp other ppl when you had your summon roam far away from you killing mobs outside your exp range.
While the most profound and abusive one being the Instance zone bug/abuse which let you stuck "permanently"(until the time you log out) all available buffs including BR/triggers/special skills with long cd etc.
That period a handful of summoners could do every possible content in the game in matter of minutes. Insane dps while being almost unkillable.

Bottomline, I think the class is very hard to balance without leaving room for abusive behavior.
Sad truth, I love it but I do understand why it's being left to rot :(


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some points to make sure they fix while they at it. Make sure SA's on weapons transfer to pets, the dark / bloody affects from weapons AND armors transfer. The augment affects of weapons, jewels and armors transfer to pets. ARTIFACTS and charms effects transfer to pets.

Also from what i can tell there is NO element at all with pets defense or offense. That's huge if we can add this to the stats of the pets that would be necessary since elements has been in the game for 4 YEARS


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sept... oct... nov... dec...jan...feb...mar..apr.... and now we are in May since this has been brought up .  We going on 9 months with no real effort to resolve this.  

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summoners need to be completely reworked. it would be better for the whole server if the summons were more of an animation during attacks than a physical presence on the server. i know thats a huge change for the class, but since the 4x summons broke every server, the whole thing needs to be changed.

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