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L2 Servers launch dates

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I am looking for the launch dates of L2 (NA) srvrs from Bartz up to Naia / Chronos. If any old-timer can help I would be grateful. (I'm pretty certain someone has post it in the past but I can't find it)

Also if someone has the patch notes from old updates and wish to share... I would be gratefuler ???




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Gives you release of all the updates till end of 2017.  We lost out of resources that use to give us info on this game and there are really no forums outside the main forums for L2 anymore.  Use to be L2Blah (for all the bickering etc, and update info)  and L2Rochand use to give us a good translation on the updates from Korea and discussion on how to prepare for them months in advance.

However most of those are are gone for awhile now.

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