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BOTS Out Of Control


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Okay the bot situation has gotten out of control. Something must be done and done fast. Since the update bots have taken over Abandon Camp and Cruma. What is the point of upgrading areas if “players” cannot hunt in them? Are the bots that in control of the server? They have super buff bots at all the lowbie towns buffing the hundreds of pony summoners bots. You cannot compete with these super ponies at hunting areas. Is this what the server has turned into? Why is nothing being done about this? Are the bot kingpins in control of the server? Please do something about this. It is so bad, there is a queue for bots to use the warehouse in Gludio. Just log into the game and you will see them plain as day. Are we heading down the same fate as Skelth (EU Classic Server)? There is no point in supporting the server if we cannot enjoy the game.  Please, I implore you to fix this, this type of behavior is killing the server.  I am refering to TI server , dont know if the situation is the same on other servers. 

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15 hours ago, GiantBoobs said:

need to increase the amount of mobs available to kill.....many hunting spots are just empty with no mobs.

Sure so they can add more bots there too, the more the merrier. Lets rename the server from L2 Classic to L2 My Little Pony

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