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ancient book: Divine Inspiration (Beginner)


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so why is it that the only spot that the Book Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Beginner) drops is in the Dim Rift in Faeron Village and has a very low chance of dropping after u have completed all 32 stages? i know my char's need it and there is only 1 on the market and very over priced because there is only 1 on the server. 

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I have gone years without that book. "Need" may be a stretch. Nice to have if you can get it as a drop or someone trades for cheap, but you can live without it.

Otherwise, yes, agree. Lots of items should be easier to get than they are. It's bad when you are 3-4 updates behind because so much stuff is harder to get than needs be.

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It is not a stretch, there is nothing wrong about wanting to have all skills learned and being able to do so with a reasonable effort applied. Which is not the case here, drop for many items simply doesn't exist anywhere but during events (milkshake business model get used to it this is all this game can offer you and nothing more really).

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