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Tyrr---Spirit of the Slayer/Hunter

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On 9/17/2020 at 4:35 PM, Gusmanaki said:

Hello, as I checked there is not effect when Spirit of the Hunter/Slayer is used.


1425 dmg without Spirit of Hunter


1425 dmg with Spirit of Hunter

Is it in plan to fix it or?

@Juji @Hime

I'm just curious, but can you do the same test with a white attack? (normal pole swing) 


I haven't played tyr in forever, but maybe skills aren't affected by the dmg increase? If the other buffs net a dif dmg result with mega strike, then yea def a bug.


But maybe those skills are for non skill dmg only. Similar to p atk crit dmg. Just a theory, not saying this is true. 

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