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Bots,bots everywhere.

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I am level 25 with my orc shaman,i am going to be warcryer,however for reach lvl 40,i think i will take ages. Why? Right now there are plently of bots on the abandoned camp in giran server. No spot is free. Usually there are dwarfs and elven wizards,i think for the mana regen summon.

NcSoft do not take action or what? Why there are hundreds of bots everywhere? In ruins of agony same history,but fortunately for me,i found a spot and i can reach lvl 25. On abandoned camp the situation is worse,MUCH worse.

So,i question that: there are still bots past lvl 40? Is the leveling same way on higher levels?

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5 hours ago, FreakofNature said:

Yes, bots are also in higher levels, however it's not as bad as Abandoned Camp. Mostly catas, as they are occupied by RMTs.

You should try out alligator island. Stay there until level 50/52 and then go to fields of massacre. 

I have quests to do in abandoned camp,but no spot is free. Every spot,is occupied by elven summoners who use magic attacks while the summon recharges his MP. One played in game says that there is 0 pvp in Giran server,or a rare case. I say that now cause i will kill with satisfaction those bots,but that player who is a bishop says that if you kill a bot,someone of higher level appear and pk you. And the pk points is a risk of drop.

He also says that creating a dark avenger (my favorite class right now) is a waste of time cus is a pvp oriented class. I am ok with that,cause if someone want to bother me while leveling,i can defend my self with the class dark avenger. I was playing an orc shaman cause seems is ok for level up,but since on another post i made,the forum users says that every class is ok,then i will play a dark avenger. Best tank for pvp,also ok for pve.

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