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Why i must continue playing?

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The l2 community is toxic,is pay to win,people is individual playing in a MMORPG and there are full of bots. Why i must continue playing this game? I like it but sadly i have not reasons to play it. Noone want to do partyes with team work,there are bots,people with God equipment and pk you. Nc Soft warn people for say the truth. And not only Nc Soft,all internet.

I play solo only because nostalgy and having fun with partys and other people,but l2 communtiy goes toxic since the day 1 i started to play in a illegal server. There was always toxic,the only thing i thank in C4 is the teamwork,i stopped playing at the end of C4. Later,the community goes more and more toxic,the game turns pay to win on the official server,no teamwork,only individual work and bots,tons of bots.

Tell me any reason for continue playing,i only find trash people on this game,from 10 persons 1 is not trash and i am not sure about that last thing.

I go and return from lineage 2 and i end always the same thing,sick of toxicity,but toxicity at the level of "i am not toxic,you are"

Really,i have no reason to play this game anymore. I was a paladin back in C4,i thank those times but those times ended. 

This last day,i found one paladin guy,father of two children,or that is what he says,he is vietnamite,and talking about things,it goes the theme and he says that in his city,you can have 5 women for 30 min,paying money.

Another player,girl this time,talking about bad players,say me to "bleep you"

From all the players i found,only few have good attitude. But sadly i am sick of this game and the people in. Because from 10 people with good attitude,100 are bad. And i can not say anything cause they shut up saying " bleep u " or directly they say it with words.

Seriously,i really like the game but the persons in made me to stop playing and being sick of it.

That is all i want to say. Internet full of trash people. I accept there are trash people,but i do not accept that i have not do anything to them and they act with me like the devil. I try to teamwork,to help,to play my role as a tank,to have fun in a MMORPG at the end,but sadly is half impossible.

I really have not any idea why they have this attitude with me,but seems they do not want me to play with them. I have no reasons to continue,maybe in a few time to forward,i will return back,but right now i am really sad with the game. I am going to level up a paladin,cause i like the role of a holy knight,but the toxic people end my fun drastically.

I found one dagger guy level 81 adventurer who invite me on his clan,maybe if i continue playing is for having fun in this clan. Because my final objective in this game is do sieges like a mad guy. Never did one in conditions. I guess i am calming when i am writing,but i needed to say this to someone who want to read.

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I think i will go with dark avenger at the end,i do not want to pass for the same again,if i go pvp versus a j e r k,i must make him to respect me. From the 4 tanks,the dark avenger is the best for what i am looking. And of course i can still tank.

But please,do team work,is what i expect on this game. I must deal with toxic people and bots,that is what i must expect when return to play lineage 2. Sadly i must learn this if i must play relaxed. 

Sorry for this post,but i was pissed off few moments ago.

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yeah dude you sounded pissed :P     I get what you mean and to my own experience the world is filled with all sorts of people most people are tools and I accept it but its that good 10% that make life great.           Hopefully with that new clan you have some mates on your side to make it worth it.

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