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Is there any discussions about quests, will be brought back? Personally I had alot of fun making quests as they were before a varity from where u could choose with rewards that would engage you into making them. I know some are still available within game, my question is if the number of quests will grow in near future? I remember were quests where we would get rewards as giant energy, codexes, bloody/dark stones etc (and I repeat I know some still exist).  Not necessarly farming quests, but something everyone had a chance too, like formal wear quests where to complete it would need a bunch of other quests to be finished.

The following message is based on my personal taste, I don't say is good or bad, is just something I enjoyed doing in Lineage 2.

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The koreans are leaning towards endless farming on auto and no quests at all. It's rather evident from the last few updates.

Will the bring them back or create new ones - maybe, but I wouldn't hold my breath about it. Probably some basic ones at best.

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There is no lore attached to these updates at all either.  Their no background to this game nothing is connected last update that connected anything was when they added the water dragon.

Anyone know what a homunculus s is why its like a pet but not a pet or where it came from or where we are summoning it from?  This is RPG where is the roleplaying part? Only thing I know of a homunculus is was that ugly green mage aoe water splash beast back in the day from Wall of Argos mixed in with the angels.

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