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It there anyway, in a future update, crafting/making "blessed" beast shots can be added?  Right now, all classes can use "mysterious shots" without a weight penalty.  However, all summoners "must" use only beast shots, because the "blessed beast shots" from the pet manager are too heavy to carry.

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What I am basically saying is:  blessed beast shots are not working at all..... and there is a weight limit to them.  However, when you check the summons window to determine what beast shots are used... it says 2 beast shots and 2 spirit shots.  Summoners have not been able to use magic pets because they really can't use blessed beast shots at all.  

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It's been many years since summons stop having Magic Skills - spells, that use spirit shots. Nowadays pets have only physical skills that use only soul shots.

Last servitor that used magic was Grim Reaper before GoD introduced class diversification. After that new pets were way more powerful and mage build on Wynn (pve) was superseded.

Trivia fact is that before GoD only Elemental Master was the only one who could benefit 100% from mage setup as Magnus the Unicorn was the only mage pet and it was A W E S O M E...........especially on 300 water weapon :P




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