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Ok recently said to enchant some cloaks


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First of all in the first cloak event in 2018 or 2019 if i remember corectly i made over 50 cloaks +15.

So i'm decent in enchanting made like 30 radiant circlets +5 in the past month & many weapons and stuffs.

I saw a guy who sell cloak enchant 1-10 at 200kk each in giran so said,why not.

Bought a elmore cloak +7 and 600 scrolls from the guy. Had one more ferios cloak +7

My LUC is decent at 78-83 depends.

Ok so i started enchanting went to +10 the elmore pretty quick after 30 scrolls . Used legendary went to +11 ( highest ) and after that everything boom.

I ended up with my both cloaks one to +0 and one to +1 after 600 scrolls.

After that saw a guy in-game who was selling aden cloak +1 with +15 augment p skill power +15% and i talked with him and he said he just made few weeks ago +15 cloaks and now isnt the same anymore since they "worked" on success rates.


Short story - lost 120b to try to enchant 2 cloaks and ended up -13 enchant levels after 600 scrolls. since both cloak was +7.

They said it's working normaly and it's a  challenging task.

What u guys think,they worked on rates or not?

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