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Erupting Vitality Pack - Please Remove 1 per Account Limit


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@Hime @Juji

Is there any way you guys can please either increase the limitation to 2 packs allowed per account, or reset after the weekly update and let us buy 1 more pack? These really helped me to go from 106 to 107.8, but now I'm almost out of them. One more pack would help me get to 108-109 and then I can just slog through to 110 without them.

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14 hours ago, Karma2020 said:

Where did you farm exp from 106 to 107.8? Did u do 6h in the Coal Mines? And did you solo exp or with a party?  

it took me 4 hours in coal mines to go from 105 75% to 107 running all the free boosts from the event.  solo (aoe yul) with tank pulling out of party 

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24 minutes ago, mixa said:

It's a very heavy discounted pack, hence it's one per account.

Don't expect it to be made available in quality higher than 1.

Thought I'd ask anyway. The difference between me buying 2000 more Ncoins and me not buying any more Ncoins at all. I bet several other players are making the same calculation. Sometimes a company has to look at lost opportunity costs like that and decide if their sale policies maximize their net, or detract from it.

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