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Level penalties!


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This is not fair for players who are leveling /farming at the corresponding zone level.

So many High levels( 109++ ) they are killing mobs just with a hit, always they give pk in anothers players and there is not decent place to play between these levels.
We need to ncsoft staff team fix the rate of experience of green mobs to prevent this bad thing. It is ruining the expectation of all players.

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51 minutes ago, TimmyJohns said:

i think a good solution would be adding party hunting zones (equivalent to ketra / varka) for the level 105-107 and 107-109 hunting zones that way people have the option to solo (like they are currently) or can run full parties at places there own level

This should have happened a long time ago.

I don't really know why they haven't implemented it yet. More spots to us.

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Some want to increase their dual class for benefit from skills to ( lvl 107, 109 and 110) so they go down levels, which is normal. The events with Boosts and XP also increase the number of boxes, because they want them to level up, so yes we need more spots for the levels from 105 to 110. The opposite situation also exists, there are ppl who farm too high in relation to their level and gear (even in PT) and therefore they also take the spots of average or hight gears, and that they take too much time to kill the mobs, we know that to optimize, you have to kill quickly, you farm according to your gear and not the level. 

Thanks !

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On 28.9.2020 at 5:38 AM, Valiriam said:

Several high level players take advantage of weak areas leaving low level players with nowhere to farm xp!

Could any GM review this?

this is because of the gear. people eventually outlevel a spot, but they don't have enough gear to move to the next spot.
NC consistently removed all possibilities to farm gear. gear comes only from the L2 store. so you must pay dollars (a few thousands for a start) or you will be stuck forever in the blazing swamp low level pk war.

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This is clear in Phantasmal Ridge many archers well geared lvl 108-109-10 with Mouse macro, walking all around map with manner off, giving ks in all pts. They are farming taking the farm from all others. One thing is take a spot and farm there, other is walk all map and respect no one.

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Way to present things in a one-sided manner. Since we're at it here's the other side: several low gear/level players set up full parties and "pvp" with mobs in higher areas taking up spots from people who could solo there and unlike the people farming coins in a time limited event, those folks don't even have a benefit being there in the first place.

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