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Standard Course Of Sustainable Levelling After 80+? Question For Who's Playing In Classic For A While

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What's your experience in regards to the most sustainable levelling after Lv 80 up to Lv 90 for a full party?

Sustainable means: able to buy SS/BSS, Spirit Ore, and craft gear yourself and level up at a reasonable speed in relation to elemental zones without having to pay for coins every month.

My challenge is that in order to get A-grade unsealed you need Cloth Piece and that only drops from one or two mobs deep inside Varka/Ketra or LOA. At Lv 80 it's near impossible to set up in Varka/Ketra and impossible to set up in LOA sustainably.

Lv 76 - 82 = Elemental Zones
Lv 82 - ? = ? (Ketra? Varka? GC?)

Lv ? - ? = ? (LOA? DV?)

Thanks in advance 

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