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Petition to make drops go into inventory and not ground


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If you where to have drops go directly to inventory as it once was this would achieve the following:


1> Reduce lag in hard farmed areas due to excessive items scattered about.

2> Mages classes and archers will not lose out on their drops using your auto hunt feature.

3> It will not give actual program users the advantage over real users , because the program users can pick up items.

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1) Drops from mobs auto delete after 10 min. You can choose to hide dropped items under the screen information.

2) Are you kidding me?! Ranged classes are already overwhelmingly favorised compared to melee!

3) The botters only care about the adena drops and that already automatically goes to your inventory

4) Don't even bother making a petition like this ( or any petition for that matter). They (NCsoft) don't give a rat's a*as about what the community want. All they care about is making you spend more bucks on Ncoin or doing RMT!

5) Sorry for rant ?

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