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NQQb Othell looking for tips...

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I hope someone can enlight me a bit or a lot...

I left the game a bit after the artifact book introduction and hellbound changes (GoD I think) and came back ~three months ago.
The game have changed a lot and by each decision NC did my situation got worst, I hope you can suggest me some workarounds with these challenges... I am realy trying to adapt, so any tips are welcome.

1: Changes on craft
My box dwarf lost a lot from the older recipes, the "compensation" NC did (around 40KK) is around  1/4 I paid from just the Adamantite Upgrade recipe I bought at that time (200kk~).
Aether limit just turned craft into a dead activity to me.
Can not get/farm crystals R so, until SSs are a bit of a worry, I am being saved by exalted/mentor rewards.
2: Hunting Damage
On GoD I was hunting with a S-Dagger (that broke, but could not to retrieve because I was not told about the recovery system in time) and was going just fine.
I am using exalted stuff, but the damage is not enough, while I am 105 have a bad time on Coal and Hellbound*.
I just could to complete the lv100 singleplayer instance after 103 (Othell, as Yul lvl 100 kicked azz).
Needless to say I have no 12KKK to buy pro stuff, I thought about try get a Shadow or Kelbim (by farm) but the upgrade chance on Shadow is crazy and the upgrade cost on Kelbim is just prohibitive.
* Got a 500kk exalted bow to dual, works pretty fine in comparisson to my dagger side, but I can be being biased due to AoE. 

3: Where are the Quests?
On GoD we have quests and "feasible" game instances to help us to proceed, now we have no quests and looks like instances are all projected to upper levels, other than fish guild and exalted can not find options, looking on wiki is not helping at all. Was the game turned on a autohunt&wait?

4: Gear
With crazy priced weapons I am investing on side stuff, my previous game time (when I was not completelly lost) left me with some old epics and other stuff that got obsolete and sold, now I gone to abundance (the yellow one) and began to think about the artifact book, would this be a good plan B?
Got the 6000 event Longing.

5: Rune Stones
Where can I "drop" these to complete my character? I still do not believe that we need to kill Raid Bosses (14-21 players) to drop one.

Just Sharing: Market
Game economy, how to get adena and how to make good use from events is probably a welll locked secret, so, I will just tell what I am doing:
- NCoin: Never used on "gamble" items (while I would play tarot by 1 coin a day), no interest on direct selling (a 2~4kk per coin does not sounds a big deal).
- Hero Coin: I am a casual expender, still saving to a Maphr Shirt.
- Adena main sources: Oly>Codexes & Fish>Elcyum.

Thank you by your time.

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