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Suggestion to improve some macro functionality


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As per topic, the use case of macros :

1. Debuff attacks, required use only to debuff enemy. 

2. Damage deal attacks required to deal a certain amount of damage

3. zone control, zoning skills (snare, pull, and so on depending on class)  

Current usage of the macro : 

from top to bottom  /target whatever /use debuff /deal damage / zone control rinse repeat/ everything is cool and great however there is an issue with a DELAY which can be set in macro, where all delay applies to the entire code which is not an ideal situation and create unnecessary spam either to servers and to players as well. I cannot separately place snare lets say every 20 secs for a spot. Also, I cannot delay debuff for the duration it lasts which is ~ 20 secs. Debuffs are being spammed without any reason to cast at all. 


implement delay timers for skills individually and apply delays somewhere on side of the macro GUI or similar to something like that. 

Regards and Thank you,


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