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Improve the places for supports to evolve.

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Good night (Using google translator)

In my conception NCsoft ended the quests to force the people to farm in the areas of up and at the same time to make it possible for people to do it in parties, reactivate the parties that, oddly enough, worked much more at the time it had several quests to do. The problem that NCsoft has been absurdly increasing the DD Defense and Resistance of, and has also been increasing its damage, which today we see is DDs farming alone using only 1 Iss to be able to use buffs on them. And the thing is so absurd that we see wizards and archers, I will mention them in particular because they are the classes that have the greatest damage in area skills. Anyone who goes to Hell Bound, that last option from Gludio for example, will see archers killing only with skill in the area, only one skill in the area and they kill all the mobs. And that ends up discouraging players who want to play support, be it healer, sigel or iss, but what stimulus does NCsoft do with these classes if they are not self-sufficient in the game? Because the DDs have been each update becoming self-sufficient, as they have been increasing their defenses and resistances and their damage getting more and more powerful making them only need one Iss because they need the Iss's Buff. Here are two suggestions:


1 - Create locations for support characters, Healer, Iss and Sigel can evolve, be able to kill easily and get great XP for all their lvls.

2 - When we activate the automatic attack system together with the macro, this automatic system has an option that prevents us from giving KS to the mob of others, but we activate it if we want, I always keep it activated, but the DDs do not keep , they kill fast so they don’t mind activating, because by killing fast, then they enjoy it even without caring about the other characters, so make sure this option is already activated.

3 - Or, make sure that, when the character hits a mob or several mobs, this mob receives a 10 second debuff and is always renewed every time it hits the mob, so if an archer or wizard, or another character kills , all XP, drop, adena, quest item goes to whoever hit first.


In short, NCsoft has to review this, because the archer players are taking advantage of killing several monsters at once and putting macro to fly forward or backward in the macro, skill only in the area and thus they kill the mobs at all world and going all over the area where there’s mob and that’s bad, that’s boring. I know that one will come here and say: Equip yourself to kill fast too and I will answer, no use, because the archer and Feoh kill quickly in the area, and the other players kill one by one. And yet the support players, which is sigel, Iss and Healer end up dancing in this one, just see that it is easy for DDs to get good items in every event, because support kills slowly and every event is high, which gives advantages to DDs, like this one current event there, an archer manages to get 3 thousand items from the clan quest more than once in a single day. So it's time for NCsoft to review this event policy that favors DDs, as these are events that are mostly individual, to review this absurd advantage of archer and feoh who kill in the area and end up stealing mobs from other players and manage to cross areas with their skills and review a lot to encourage players to invest in support again.

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