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Is there any way Lineage can come up with a way for solo players to complete these 40k mob quests, as well as play solo thereafter?   While I love to play in groups, many times, I love to play solo equally.  After lvl 105ish, playing solo is pretty much impossible.  Especially the 40k mob quests.  This really kills some of the fun of the game

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Not without extraordinary investment. The game operates with class synergies, ISS for special buffs and wicked debuff, tank for pull/soak and buff, healers manage sustainability, dds.. dd.


It's a group game first, if you want to solo, break out your card and start buying. They make it easy for you.. the Paulinas set is what? 600ncoin now? Gives you a full set of armor and some pretty snazzy jewelry for about the price of a combo meal from your favorite fast food place. If paying for your entertainment leaves a sour taste in your mouth, well.. As a pretty staunch capitalist; I will point out that someone, somewhere, is working to create, support and sustain these products and services. If you're going to pout about paying people for their time and IP, I believe you have other priorities in life to worry about.

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